War day at a glance: Flagship “Moskva” sinks – Moscow threatens Finland and Sweden

War Day at a Glance
Flagship “Moskva” sinks – Moscow threatens Finland and Sweden

Russia’s tone towards the EU is becoming increasingly harsh. If Finland and Sweden decided to join NATO, nuclear weapons would be placed in their immediate vicinity. When it comes to energy, Kremlin leader Putin wants to look more to Asia and supply less to the EU. Meanwhile, Moscow is suffering a setback as the flagship “Moskva” has sunk, according to the Russian state agency. In Mariupol, Moscow believes that it has achieved its objective after the alleged surrender of 1,160 Ukrainian soldiers. The 50th day of the war at a glance.

Medvedev Threatens Baltic States With Nuclear Weapons – Baerbock Replies

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev warns that if Finland and Sweden decide to join NATO, it would have major consequences for security in Europe. “In this case, there can no longer be any talk of a nuclear-weapon-free status for the Baltic states,” he wrote on Telegram. The deputy head of the Security Council specifically threatened the stationing of “Iskander” missiles, hypersonic weapons and nuclear-armed warships – for the Finns and Swedes, for example, within range “of their own home “. Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda described the Russian threat as “an empty blow in the air”. According to the head of state of the Baltic country of the EU and NATO, Russia has already transferred nuclear weapons to its Baltic Sea enclave of Kaliningrad. German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock also replied and insisted on the free decision rights of the two countries. “It is the right of each country (…) to freely choose its defense alliances,” Baerbock said on the sidelines of a visit to Niger. This applies all the more to two European countries which are already members of the European Union.

Russia wants to deliver less gas to Europe

Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin is also threatening the EU. He wants to divert his energy exports from Europe to Asia in the future. Deliveries to the west “will drop”, he told a cabinet meeting. Instead, “high growth markets in the South and East” would be served. To do this, Russia should start building the appropriate infrastructure, Putin said. The background is Europe’s plan to do without Russian gas. “EU countries are talking about cutting off energy supplies to Russia, which will raise prices and destabilize the market.” The head of the Kremlin warned EU states against an embargo on Russian gas and oil: “The consequences of such a measure could be very painful – especially for the initiators of such a policy”. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj has criticized the BBC for Germany continuing to buy oil from Russia and blocking an embargo with Hungary.

“Mariupol was, is and will remain a Ukrainian city”

In the war zone, Russian troops cracked down even harder on the port of Mariupol in southern Ukraine, which had been under siege for weeks. The Defense Ministry in Moscow said Russian troops had full control of the port. In addition, 1,160 Ukrainian soldiers have now surrendered. Mariupol Mayor Wadym Bojchenko called it “fake news” and said he was confident of victory. “Mariupol was, is and will remain a Ukrainian city,” he told ARD. Wladimir Klitschko also contradicted Russian statements and clarified in an interview with Deutsche Welle that the defenders were still there and the city would not be abandoned.

Missile cruiser “Moskva” sunk

There were equally conflicting reports of a fire on the Russian flagship “Moskva” in the Black Sea. While Ukraine said the ship was hit by rockets and sunk, the Russian Defense Ministry spoke only of damage and assured that the “Moskva” was still seaworthy. In the meantime, however, the state agency TASS confirmed that the missile cruiser had sunk. The flagship of the Black Sea Fleet sank after an explosion and fire during a storm on Thursday while being towed to port.

The Russian ministry also reported that a fighter jet and other planes were destroyed at an airfield in the city of Dnipro in eastern Ukraine. Also, two arms depots in the Odessa and Donetsk regions were attacked. Information provided by warring parties generally cannot be independently verified.

Russia: Ukraine bombs Russian villages

Moscow, meanwhile, complains that Ukrainian helicopters allegedly attacked targets on Russian soil. Ukraine allegedly attacked two towns near the border, injuring eight in the Bryansk region, the Russian investigative committee said. The governor of the Belgorod border region also accused the Ukrainian armed forces of shelling the village of Spodaryushino. kyiv has denied Moscow’s accusations, instead accusing Russia of “terrorist attacks” on its own territory. This is meant to stoke “anti-Ukrainian hysteria” in the country. Since the start of the war in the neighboring country, Russia has repeatedly accused the kyiv armed forces of carrying out attacks on its territory.

Fourth Prisoner Exchange – Ukrainian Officers Freed Again

According to kyiv, 30 Ukrainian POWs were freed in another prisoner exchange with Russia. “Five officers and 17 servicemen were exchanged. Eight civilians, including a woman, were also released,” Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk said. The Defense Ministry in Kyiv previously announced that two pilots captured by Russian soldiers in the Chernihiv region in early March had been released. The ministry did not provide further details. It is not yet known whether the pilots were part of the prisoner exchange announced by Wereshchuk. According to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, the pilots were first detained at various locations before being taken to the Kursk region in southern Russia. They were detained there with eight other Ukrainian soldiers. There is no information about their fate.

Ukrainian parliament condemns Russian action as ‘genocide’

The brutality of Russia is clearly demonstrated by the events in Bucha. “We saw the cruel face of Putin’s army, we saw the cruelty and coldness with which they occupied the city,” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said during her visit to the city. . The Ukrainian parliament today condemned the actions of Russian troops as “genocide” and called Russia a “terrorist state”. The Russian armed forces are not only guilty of a “crime of aggression”, but “pursue the objective of the systematic and consistent annihilation of the Ukrainian people and their identity”, indicates the text.

Hofreiter: The problem is in the Chancellery

Bundestag MPs Marie-Agnès Strack-Zimmermann, Anton Hofreiter and Michael Roth traveled to western Ukraine earlier this week to show solidarity with the country under attack. Returning from the trip, Greens politician Hofreiter spoke to Chancellor Olaf Scholz in no uncertain terms and called for more movement: ‘The problem is in the chancellery,’ says Bundestag Europe committee chairman on “RTL Direct”. “Now we must finally start supplying Ukraine with what it needs, and that includes heavy weapons.”

In the “early start” on ntv, Hofreiter then also called on Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier to support the delivery of heavy weapons. He found it wrong that Steinmeier was again discharged from Ukraine, but: “I would like him to say loud and clear: Yes, I was wrong and that now has consequences. And those consequences are that he is committed to the Chancellor, that he knows well that heavy weapons are now also being delivered.” For his blunt words he won opposition from the SPD. But the Green Party also distanced itself from his criticism of Scholz. However , the demands for heavy weapons are growing, including in the ranks of the FDP.

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