“You have to be careful who you sell your freedom to,” said the President of the University of Strasbourg, responding to the mobilization of students

“Emmanuel Macron is still the only candidate who can block Marine Le Pen,” Strasbourg University President Michel Deneken told franceinfo.

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“I understand their malice”reacts on Thursday April 14 to franceinfo the President of the University of Strasbourg Michel Deneken on the students occupying several university sites in France to protest against the poster of the second round of the presidential elections. “When two protest parties get almost 50% of the vote, there is no proportional representation and these parties are not in the National Assembly, it poses a problem of confusion among young people that I understand.”

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However, Michel Deneken warns: “When we say ‘neither Macron nor Le Pen’, that means abstaining risks benefiting the candidate they hate. Emmanuel Macron is still the only candidate who can block Marine Le Pen. We must be careful who we sell our freedom to.”

As in 2017, the President of the University of Strasbourg “Stand up for Emmanuel Macron” before the first round. This Thursday he defends his counterpart at Nantes University, Carine Bernault, who has been criticized for sending an email appeal to students and staff. “To block” to Marine LePen.

says Michel Deneken “I fully subscribe to what she wrote”. “On the other hand, going through an internal medium at the university was probably a bit clumsy, but I think we have a very selective outrage todayhe regrets. We forget the danger of the theses of the National Front (sic.). We face a great challenge to our republican and humanist values ​​in our universities.”

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