According to 60 million consumers, here are the worst and best frozen oven fries

As part of its new issue on healthy and cheap eating, 60 million consumers were interested in a product that is commonplace in the home: frozen french fries.

Planning to thaw some fries for dinner? This is an opportunity to look at their composition. Because if it’s true that this widely used product stands for simplicity, the ingredient lists aren’t always like that.

In its current issue “Healthy, good and cheap eating”, the magazine 60 million consumers viewed nine references to frozen French fries for the oven: one from a major brand (McCain) and eight from well-known own brands (Aldi, Auchan, Carrefour, Casino , E.Leclerc, Intermarché, Lidl and Picard).

Less is more

To rate those who occupy the top of the ranking, one keyword: minimalism. And in this comparison exercise, Lidl’s fries come off best, why? Thanks to a homemade composition: potatoes (94%) and sunflower oil.

Next come frozen fries from Picard, into which a third ingredient slips, “dextrose, added sugar – too bad,” commented 60 million consumers.

However, this virtuoso classification is clouded by far too long lists of ingredients in most of the references examined. “Six out of nine preparations have more than 10 ingredients. Auchan even goes up to 14!” states the magazine.

Additives, salt and sugar

For example, the McCain brand, the most expensive in the ranking, has no fewer than 12 ingredients, including a texturizing agent found in several frozen fries references, E450, which is the subject of reservations for its health effects.

The consumer protection magazine also regrets that sugar slips into almost all references except for Lidl. Finally, salinity must also be taken into account. The worst students in this area overscore the content: “McCain (0.50g per 100g), Intermarché (0.47g/100g) and Casino (0.41g/100g)”.

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