Asteroid 2022 GR2 of April 16, 2022: Bigger than a plane! A 120-meter piece crashes into orbit on Easter

Almost every day, gigantic asteroids are hurtling towards earth. Fortunately, most of these encounters are completely harmless. On Holy Saturday (April 16, 2022), the 120-meter asteroid 2022 GR2 is approaching Earth and could cause massive damage if it collides. That’s what NASA says.

A 120-meter asteroid approaches Earth on Holy Saturday.
Image: Adobe Stock/dimazel

The Asteroid2022 GR2 has a diameter of almost 120 meters. Due to its proximity to Earth, it is considered “potentially dangerous”. Now the rock crosses the orbit of our planet. But don’t worry: humanity is not threatened by a catastrophe.

120 meter asteroid 2022 GR2 near Earth on 04/16/2022

According to the list of “NEO Earth Close Approaches” of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of the United States Space Agency. Nasa reaches the asteroid 2022 GR2 on April 16, 2022 at 9:54 a.m. the closest point on its trajectory. At this point, it will only be about four million kilometers from our planet. This corresponds to 10.4 times the distance to the moon. The weird: Asteroid 2022 GR2 was discovered only a few days ago. If the Apollo asteroid keeps its previous trajectory and follows the calculations of astro-experts, it should present no danger to the earth at Easter. However, if one day it were to deviate from its trajectory and head directly towards our planet, a collision would have dramatic consequences.

An interactive map shows what happens when an asteroid hits Earth

At 120 meters in size, asteroid 2022 GR2 has the potential to wipe an entire city off the map. According to the “Asteroid Collision Map”, the impact of the asteroid would create a crater several kilometers in diameter. Within a huge radius, all buildings would be destroyed. Also, the heat would probably be deadly for most people. Fortunately, the asteroid presents no danger on Holy Saturday. Incidentally, asteroid 2022 GR2 won’t be near Earth for another four years.

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