At the November 13 trial, prosecutors are examining the fragility of Salah Abdeslam’s story

Salah Abdeslam, Round 2. The day after a river hearing, interrupted by the night, at which the main defendant in the November 13 attacks trial presented his version of the facts, the Paris Special Court again heard Salah Abdeslam, Thursday 14 April. Take time for questions from prosecutors and civil parties, who were not always convinced by his report from the previous day and will endeavor to examine his weaknesses.

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The main axis of Salah Abdeslam’s defense is to delay as much as possible the point in time he says he was knowingly involved in the planned attacks, first as a logistician, then as a suicide bomber. When his brother Brahim, back from a stay in Syria, allegedly asked him to leave in late spring 2015 ” search “ members of the Islamic State to escort them to Brussels, he assures that he just thought so “humanitarian repatriation”.

This assumption is difficult to accept on an intellectual level, but the accused does not deviate from it. The public prosecutor believes that they have identified a development in their statements from the previous day: “Yesterday you said for the first time that your brother had a ‘mission’ when he returned from Syriaslips to the magistrate, who would like to attach the predicate “terrorist” to this operation.

– I agree. That mission was to find peoplethe defendant insists. I didn’t know they came to attack. »

“I have no answer for you”

When did Salah Abdeslam realize that his ” Work “, as he says, was part of a terrorist project? According to his own statements, he only learned on November 11 from his brother Brahim, who is said to have revealed to him at the same time that Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the coordinator of the attacks, was in Belgium. He said his friend Abaaoud persuaded him to blow himself up on the night of November 11-12.

The prosecution hardly believes in this last-minute recruitment: “On November 10, all phone lines of those with a calling to action, including yours, will be dead. We are one night ahead of your alleged recruitment by Abaaoud…

“I have no answer for you”replies the accused.

Another question: What was the exact nature of his mission on November 13th? At his first hearing after his arrest in 2016, Salah Abdeslam said he had to blow himself up in mid-air “Stade de France with accomplices”, and that shortly after giving up he had taken the subway in Paris. On Wednesday, he claimed he was supposed to have blown himself up alone in a bar on the 18thand Borough, and that he finally “I never took the subway”.

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