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Members of a national discussion group made up of so-called Reich citizens and opponents of Corona policy allegedly planned bombings and the kidnapping of Health Minister Lauterbach in Germany. One of the main suspects comes from Rhineland-Palatinate.

Arrest warrants have been issued for four suspects. This was announced by the public prosecutor of Koblenz on Thursday. The defendants did not provide any information and are currently being held in various detention centers in Rhineland-Palatinate. They were arrested on Wednesday during nationwide searches. One of the main suspects is a 55-year-old man from Neustadt an der Weinstrasse.

He and the other arrestees are accused of preparing a serious act of violence dangerous to the state and of violating the law on the control of arms and weapons of war. The public prosecutor of Koblenz is investigating a total of twelve men and women. According to Attorney General Jürgen Brauer, they wanted to cause a nationwide blackout by attacking substations and power lines in order to cause civil war conditions.

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Lauterbach’s bodyguards should be “disabled”.

According to investigators, the defendants wanted to use this chaos to overthrow the democratic system in Germany and then seize power. The group also planned to kidnap Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) and “extinguish” his bodyguards in an action called “Klabutermann”.

Lauterbach himself said on Maundy Thursday after the plans became known that he didn’t want to be intimidated by alleged kidnapping plans: “Some Covid deniers aren’t concerned with the fight against vaccinations or the demands corona. They are fighting against our fundamental democratic order”, said the SPD -Politician of “Bild am Sonntag”.

He thanked the investigating authorities and the Federal Criminal Police Office “for the good protection and supervision. I obviously took advantage of it and I am very grateful,” he said. The Minister wrote on Twitter: “I want to continue to rally opponents and supporters of my work, but I will not give in to violence.”

Scholz: Solidarity with Lauterbach

Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) wrote on Twitter: “My solidarity goes out to Karl Lauterbach: everyone in Germany has the right to speak out. But our rights to freedom have limits.” These are exceeded when violence is threatened. “We will fight the enemies of our democracy with all the means of the rule of law,” he stressed.

Investigators beaten when handing over weapons

According to the National Criminal Police Office, the projects of the twelve suspects aged 41 to 55 have materialized in recent days. The group wanted to buy weapons, mines and protective equipment for tens of thousands of euros.

A first handover of two Kalashnikov weapons and five pistols was to take place on Wednesday in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse in Rhineland-Palatinate. But the offer was a trap for investigators.

Computers and cell phones seized

The arms buyer was arrested along with two other men on Wednesday in Lower Saxony and Brandenburg. Investigators name the three men as prime suspects, along with another person who is currently overseas. They would have organized the purchase of weapons and the necessary money.

Another suspect was arrested in Bavaria on Wednesday. The police searched a total of 21 houses and apartments nationwide and secured data carriers, computers and mobile phones in Baden-Württemberg, among other things.

Organized group at Telegram

The twelve defendants organized themselves into several far-right Telegram groups, including those called “United Patriots” and “Active Patriots”. The political magazine ARD REPORT MAINZ has many cat stories of the latter group. They show a crude worldview between right-wing extremism, Prepper ideology and a rejection of Corona politics.

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Meet in real life too

Individual members of the group fantasized about assassination attempts on politicians, swapped tips on how to make poison and organize weapons.

According to information from REPORT MAINZ, the group’s individual supporters have met several times in real life to consolidate their organizational structures.

Lewentz: “It’s far-right terrorism”

Interior Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate Roger Lewentz (SPD) said on Thursday that the case made it clear that there were violent radicals among crown deniers, oppressors and citizens of the Reich who did not apparently did not even “hesitate to arm themselves and the potential attacks associated”. ”. His political assessment was, “This is right-wing terrorism,” Lewentz said.

According to the state’s interior minister, the case also shows, “Our security architecture is working.” The success of the investigation came from Rhineland-Palatinate. The decisive information came from the Rhineland-Palatinate Office for the Protection of the Constitution. Citizens can rest assured that the state will protect them, Lewentz said.

Federal Minister of the Interior sees new quality of threat

The investigations revealed a “serious terrorist threat”, said Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD). Armed citizens of the Reich and radicalized Holocaust deniers of Corona share a boundless hatred of democracy, our state and the people who defend our community. Reversal fantasies and abduction plans revealed a new quality of threat. “We are fighting this threat with all constitutional consistency,” Faeser said.

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