Audience: “Balthazar” leader, the final of “Beijing Express” lowest, map for football on W9, France 3 weak

Thursday evening, on TF1, the evening “Balthazar” came to the forefront of the hearings. The final episode of Season 8 and a rerun were watched by 4.25 million viewers, according to Médiamétrie, which equates to a market share of 21.5% among the general public and 20.8% among women responsible for shopping (FRDA-50). . The only newcomer had 5.76 million followers (26.3% of 4+ and 25.8% of FRDA-50). Last week, the French series starring Tomer Sisley and Constance Labbé was viewed by an average of 4.28 million Seriphiles (21.4% of 4+ and 21.4% of FRDA-50).

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Beijing Express finale at an all-time low, achieving the lowest season for Special Envoy

Behind, on M6, the finale of “Pékin Express” starring Stéphane Rotenberg captivated 1.94 million people, representing 10.7% of the audience and 21.0% of the FRDA-50. That’s a historic low for a program finale. As of last Thursday, the adventure game had already shown signs of weakness, followed by 1.84 million fans (9.7% from 4+ and 18.1% from FRDA-50).

W9 signs a very good performance with third place. The Europa League Conference game between PAOK Saloniki and Marseille mobilized 1.75 million supporters (8.4% from 4+ and 6.2% from FRDA-50).

On France 2, the return of Special Envoy magazine starring Elise Lucet attracted the interest of 1.49 million information enthusiasts. The market share is 7.3% (7.4% for the FRDA-50). A score on the lowest this season. When it last appeared on the channel on March 10th, the program was able to count 1.67 million French (8.4% of the audience and 6.7% of the FRDA-50) with a special Ukraine.

France 3 follows with the new documentary “Deneveuve, Queen Catherine” dedicated to the icon of French cinema. An offer that only attracted 1.10 million people, which corresponds to a market share of 5.3% (1.3% on the FRDA-50). Last Thursday, a documentary about Claude Nougaro underperformed in front of 882,000 pink city lovers (4.1% of 4+ and 1.2% of FRDA-50).

“In therapy” at the million on Arte, Chérie 25 at the top

Among the other channels, on Arte, the second evening dedicated to the second season of the French series “In Therapy” was watched by an average of 1.02 million screen lovers before the five episodes aired in a row, which is 5, 0% corresponds to the public (2.3% of FRDA-50). Finally, Chérie 25 is back at a high level after its historic record last week in prime time: the film “Judgment Guilty” starring Clint Eastwood attracted 883,000 viewers (4.6% of the audience and 1.4% of the FRDA 50).

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