Christophe Galtier (Nice coach): “Each of us has to question ourselves”

“Which players are injured for the game against Lorient?
Alexis Claude-Maurice underwent ankle surgery. They removed the screw and the plate he had. Youcef (Atal) underwent surgery for a fractured shoulder on Wednesday morning. We attached a plate and bolt to him so he won’t be available until the end of the season. Danilo has pain in his adductors, he’s unsteady, as does Flavius ​​Daniliuc, who suffered a bad blow to his ankle this week.

Is your team going through the most difficult time of the season?
Yes. We’re in a period where we’re lacking results, but even with that we’re just a point away from 4th and the gaps are minimal, with head-to-head confrontations. You have to be more determined, colder, more focused. There are still a lot of matches left. I know this game against Lorient will be difficult. There will be no easy games. We’re playing Lorient, who are fighting for alimony, then Monaco, who are playing for European Cup qualifiers, then Troyes is playing for alimony. But it will be the same for the opponents because we also have important goals.

“The day after the game (in Lens) there was an update that turned into a mutual exchange”

Did you have a conversation with the players earlier in the week?
There was an update the day after the game that led to an exchange between the two. We also shared some pictures from the game against Lens. These are the realities of group life.

Was this statement similar to the one in December after the 3-0 loss to Strasbourg?
On the content of the game, yes, compared to what we hadn’t respected. After Strasbourg there was an update and a clarification of each other’s roles. After Lens, there were also internal exchanges, not to remobilize, but to say be careful. Each of us must question ourselves about the investment and the requirements that we must have if we are to have the ambition to be European.

Nice has suffered two three-goal defeats in Ligue 1 this season, against Strasbourg in December and Lens last weekend. (F. Porcu/The Team)

Do you have a position on the second round of the presidential election?
Yes. It’s personal and it stays personal. You must go and vote to take advantage of this privilege that we have. Everyone has to vote according to their sensitivities. »

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