Crazy Rihanna, Pregnant, And Asap Rocky Breakup Rumors

ASAP Rocky and Rihanna at the party Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin. (Los Angeles, February 11, 2022.) Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency/ABACAPRESS.COM

According to numerous posts on social networks, the star couple decided to end their relationship after the rapper’s infidelity.

Info or Intox? Rihanna and Asap Rocky are currently trending on Twitter following rumors of their split, despite Rihanna being pregnant for the last month. According to the magazine XXL the interpreter ofumbrella “Caught Rocky cheating on her with Fenty shoe designer Amina Muaddi.”

In a video, Rihanna reimagines a fan who accuses her of being late for the Dior show

The principals concerned have not yet commented. Rihanna’s latest Instagram post from April 14 is a promotional video for her brand Fenty Beauty. We see her collecting her order before presenting her various products. As for Asap Rockey, his last post is from last month.

Jokes about bad taste

In a relationship since the end of 2020 is the singer of Praise the Lord and the billionaire singer announced they were expecting their first child in January amid engagement rumors. Given her rumours, there are the fans who slam the punch: “You pretend you’re Rihanna and you’re fooled by ASAP Rocky while carrying her baby in your belly”.

And the others who decided to laugh at the situation by sharing lots of memes of… Drake. In one video, Rihanna’s ex-boyfriend can be seen celebrating the news amid a sea of ​​fans with the caption, “Drake hearing the news about Rihanna and ASAP Rocky.”

In another clip, a man runs into a parking lot with one comment, “Drake goes to Rihanna’s house to comfort her after ASAP Rocky cheated on her.”

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