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Are they involved or are they collateral damage?

Béatrice (33) and Eugénie (32) are the daughters of sleazy Prince Andrew (62), who had just escaped a conviction for sexual abuse thanks to a comparison. Now, a new legal whirlwind is looming and drags her daughters into the mess. It’s about payments in the millions, an arms dealer, a suspected fraudster and a Turkish businesswoman and her desire to get a British passport.

The world knows since the Epstein scandal at the latest that Prince Andrew is not afraid of contact with shady characters. Now, however, he is said to have dealt with shady businessmen – in a criminal case that is not so easy to solve at first.

the unknown

► Nebahat Evyap Isbilen (77).

The Turkish businesswoman comes from a wealthy family of entrepreneurs. Due to political persecution, she wanted to get her nearly £85m assets out of the country – and wanted to use a fraction to buy a British passport.

Her husband: Ilhan Isbilen (76), ex-member of Erdogan’s AKP party. He has been in prison since 2015.

Ilhan Isbilen during his arrest in 2015Foto: Twitter

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Ilhan Isbilen during his arrest in 2015Photo: Twitter

► Turkish Selman (35).

Nebahat Isbilen entrusted his money to the banker (ex-Goldman-Sachs). But now she is suing the entrepreneur in the High Court in London for ‘systematic fraud’ and demanding her money back. Turk is said to have “dishonestly embezzled” around 46 million euros from his assets. He denies the allegations.

During the indictment, not only was Prince Andrew’s name revealed, but also that of his daughters Eugenie and Beatrice and their mother Sarah Ferguson.

Turk would have created a company only to transfer dirty money: Alphabet Capital Ltd.

The firm plays a role in the case as it was through them that the money went to the entire York family – including Andrew’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. According to court documents, the company is a fraudulent front for “apparent money laundering”.

Selman Turk - in the background Prince AndrewFoto: privat

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Selman Turk – in the background Prince AndrewPhoto: private

► Tarek Kaituni (54 years old).

Prince Andrew met the Libyan in 2005. In the same year, Kaituni was caught smuggling a submachine gun from the Netherlands to France.

The convicted arms dealer also allegedly helped organize secret meetings between the duke and the late dictator Gaddafi († 69). He also reportedly told undercover reporters that he played a key role in the release of Lockerbie’s assassin, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi.

Kaituni says he has a lot of influence over Andrew and was one of 800 guests in Windsor for Andrew’s daughter Princess Eugenie’s wedding to Jack Brooksbank (35).

Kaituni is the liaison between Prince Andrew and Selman Turk. It features Andrew Turk in early summer 2019. Turk and Andrew became friends and met at Turk’s mansion.

A selfie taken by Selman Turk with Tarek Kaituni during a visit to Frogmore House, the royal residence in Windsor Great Park, in February 2020Foto: privat

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A selfie taken by Selman Turk with Tarek Kaituni during a visit to Frogmore House, the royal residence in Windsor Great Park, in February 2020Photo: private

The case

► Isbilen, who faces political persecution in Turkey and wanted to put his money in a safe place, hired Selman Turk to manage his money. She reportedly expressed a wish for the sleazy businessman to get her a British passport.

Selman Turk met Prince Andrew through Tarek Kaituni. A few months later, the first payments are made. For example, Andrew allegedly received a total of around 1.3 million euros from the Turkish company Alphabet Capital Ltd. have received.

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson - are they in cahoots?Foto: picture alliance / empics

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Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson – are they in cahoots?Photo: photo alliance / empics

Eugenie also received $30,000. According to a statement from Eugenie, the money was used for a surprise party for her mother’s 60th birthday.

The statement read: “I suggested that any contribution go directly to the caterer. But I also provided my account, so two payments came in, which I sent to the company that organized my mother’s party.

In addition, sister Beatrice, who married her husband Eduardo Mapelli Mozzi (38) in 2020, received a wedding gift of 906,000 euros.

It is precisely this sum that the businesswoman Isbilen believed was there to obtain her British passport. Selman Turk, the sleazy fund manager, told the bank in Isbilen that the money was for a “wedding gift”.

Heal Royal World: At Beatrice and Eduardo Mozzi's wedding in 2020, there were apparently rotten things in the background – here pictured with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip († 99)Foto: AP/Benjamin Wheeler

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Heal Royal World: At Beatrice and Eduardo Mozzi’s wedding in 2020, there were apparently rotten things in the background – here pictured with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip († 99)Photo: AP/Benjamin Wheeler

According to the indictment, the sum was transferred on November 15, 2019 from Isbilen’s account directly to Prince Andrew. After a request from Isbilen’s lawyer, the prince returned the full amount.

That was not all. Because Andrew also allegedly received another payment of 422,000 euros from Turk’s alleged money laundering company, Alphabet Capital.

Ex-wife Sarah Ferguson would have received 277,000 euros from the same company. However, she has yet to repay the money. Her reasoning: It was her legitimate fees as a brand ambassador for a consulting company called Pegasus Group – a solar energy company from the United States. However, she provided no evidence in this regard.

There is still no evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Andrew, his daughters or his ex-wife Sarah. A spokesperson for Ferguson said: “The Duchess was unaware of the allegations which have since been made against Mr Turk. She is obviously concerned about the allegations.

Why the whole silver number?

Apparently, Selman Turk took advantage of Nebahat Isbilen’s spell. Because the alleged fraudster would have diverted the foreign millions to him via offshore companies. He used the money to start his own bank called Heyman AI.

Isbilen claims his assets were used “without my knowledge or consent”.

► Dizzy: Turk has advertised with his contractor at Prince Andrew events. He is said to have received an award for his business at a business event led by Prince Andrew called ‘Pitch at the Palace’.

And Turk also attended a charity event hosted by Prince Andrew at St. James’s Palace to “promote his British banking business”.

And what does Turk say in his defense? He says: Isbilen volunteered to support his company Heyman AI and offered him a loan of 4.83 million euros at 0% interest. And that, even though he apparently still wanted to convince her to accept the interest.

By the way: the company has been dissolved. All the money is gone…

And why the money Turk sent to Andrew and company? Apparently, Isbilen, Turk and Kaituni thought that Andrew could use his influence with Mama Queen Elizabeth to obtain the British passport.

But it probably never came to that…

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