DIRECT. Presidential election: Marine Le Pen defends her “not at all radical” and “extremely reasonable” program


Darmanin and Dupond-Moretti in the north support Macron

Ministers Gérald Darmanin and Eric Dupond-Moretti will be present tonight in Hazebrouck, north, where they will hold a public meeting in support of Emmanuel Macron from 7pm to 9pm. They will be accompanied in particular by Richard Ferrand, President of the National Assembly, and the Mayor of the city, Valentin Belleval.


Almost six out of ten French see Macron re-elected


Delanoe in the country

The former mayor of Paris, supporter of Emmanuel Macron in the second ballot of the presidential election, is dragging himself in Paris with government spokesman Gabriel Attal.


Macron at a meeting to send signals to Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s voters and to young people

The presidential candidate will hold a meeting in Marseille this Saturday in front of 3,000 to 4,000 activists. “The pictures will be great,” enthuses a local walker. Emmanuel Macron will speak about youth but will also show his maps on ecology, a subject little developed in his program outside of the energy component. Click here for more information.


Marine Le Pen denies being “radical”.

When moving to Vaucluse, the RN candidate was harassed by opponents. “We have the opportunity to get out of a system that has been maintained for 30 years, it is quite normal that the system tries to defend itself, even in the most brutal way, based on anathema, slander and insults,” said she said during a news conference. The far-right candidate and MP defends a “not at all radical” and “extremely reasonable” project, castigating an “oligarchy” and a “system that wants to defend itself”.


The Archbishop of Strasbourg will elect Macron

If the conference of French bishops did not give voting instructions this year, unlike in 2017, Monsignor Luc Ravel, archbishop of Strasbourg, said this Friday that he would vote Emmanuel Macron, according to franceinfo.

The outgoing president “seems much more able to come to terms in today’s international and national situation,” believes the cleric, who urges Christians who would vote for Marine Le Pen to “think with a conscience.”


Nabilla calls for Macron to be elected

The former reality TV star posted a message on Twitter in support of the outgoing president. “Because I love France from all walks of life, all colors and backgrounds, because I teach my son tolerance every day, because I want my children to grow up in a peaceful France, I vote for Emmanuel Macron on April 24,” she wrote.


Protests against right-wing extremists are planned for Saturday


Marine Le Pen stopped at a church

The RN candidate stopped during her wanderings to stop at a church. A moment of “pause,” she says in this presidential campaign. As he left, boos could be heard.


Associations claim space for ecology in the debate

“More than ever, the ecological crisis is on our doorstep. However, the media time devoted to the issue is inadequate,” write the signatories in a letter to Gilles Bouleau and Léa Salamé. They therefore ask them to “devote at least 20% of (the) issues to the ecological crisis” and to do so “tirelessly” in order to “obtain articulated, quantified, coherent answers and, above all, to be up to the challenges”. Signatories include The Shift Project, QuotaClimat, WWF, France Nature Environnement, and Attac and Extinction Rebellion.


Marine Le Pen was teased in the Vaucluse

In these images broadcast by our journalist, we see two people trying to challenge the candidate, holding the Ukrainian flag, to come and explain her position on the file. The RN candidate has been accused by her critics of taking a pro-Putin stance. But unlike Eric Zemmour, she didn’t pay the price in the polls, then in the polls.


Marine Le Pen finally ruled out a referendum on the death penalty

Marine Le Pen moves further away from this historic landmark of the front line that has become the National Rally. Until the end of any confusion about the possibility of 500,000 French people reopening the debate on a referendum. An unconstitutional procedure, she now judges. For more information, see our article.


Le Pen wants to keep the system of temporary work

“It’s a regime that’s expensive, that’s true, but it’s a choice, because without this regime, cultural offerings are no longer possible, cultural creation is no longer possible, so I will keep this system,” she explained at this one Friday morning on BFMTV.


beat by beat

Macron and Le Pen never left each other and fired on media visibility. For the outgoing president, his far-right rival’s program is not “cuteness embodied.” His presidency was “terribly authoritarian,” his opponent countered.


Tensions during Marine Le Pen’s trek

The RN candidate went to the Pertuis market in Vaucluse this Friday morning. A tense encounter ensued between his security service and anti-Le Pen demonstrators, reports our local journalist.


The PS urges its supporters to vote for Macron

“We all want to say shit, but on April 24 we vote Macron to block the extreme right,” begins the press release sent out this Friday morning. “On April 24 we save democracy, we don’t choose a program. On June 12th we elect a majority to avoid retirement at 65, the guilt of RSA beneficiaries, the creeping privatization of public schools and the abandonment of public services: In June we will obstruct Emmanuel’s Project Macron! ‘ we can read.


Emmanuel Macron will answer questions from Anne-Sophie Lapix next Thursday

The outgoing president confirmed his arrival at 8pm on France 2 next Thursday, the day after the debate between the two rounds against Marine Le Pen. The two candidates did not want the journalist to lead the debate alongside Gilles Bouleau, preferring Léa Salamé .


The Jadothon takes place

At the same press conference, Julien Bayou pointed out that the ecologists’ call for donations on the evening of the first round to reimburse campaign costs worked. The ecologists have already collected almost 1.2 million euros of the hoped-for two million euros in five weeks.


“The hours we live in are extremely serious”

The national secretary of the EELV holds a press conference this Friday morning. Julien Bayou specifically mentions the looming candidacy of Marine Le Pen. “We cannot have fun voting white or abstaining when the extreme right is at the gates of power,” he said.


The summary of Macron’s interview

The presidential candidate defended his program on Franceinfo for almost an hour this Friday morning. The opportunity for him to specify the various concessions he is willing to make in relation to his program and to announce new measures such as: B. the possibility to decouple the disability allowance. All information in our article.


La France insoumise writes to EELV, the communists and the NPA

Three letters have been published on the website of Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s movement calling for the union of the left in the framework of the general elections. The union, but not the entire left, since the Socialist Party is not the recipient of this proposal. Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s party directs some criticism at ecologists and communists. “Our relations have been seriously deteriorated during this campaign, we can read. Without ever replying to you, we have taken seriously your often hurtful allegations and your assessments of insurmountable difficulties between us. The NPA was spared this criticism.


Blanquer hits on Le Pen

Invited to France 2 this morning, the education minister torpedoed the program of the far-right candidate. He denounced the inconsistency of his program and criticized unfunded measures. “These are adjuncts of demagogy, Marine Le Pen has always been against what the government does, no matter what. In the end, it doesn’t create consistency,” he says.


Marine Le Pen has revised her position on the death penalty

The candidate reiterated this Friday morning that holding a referendum on the death penalty was unconstitutional. However, as our journalist points out, she had defended this possibility in previous elections.


Bayrou sets his conditions for the pension reform

The former justice minister, invited to RTL this morning, defends the pension reform carried out by Emmanuel Macron with two caveats. “The first of those precautions is that we have to consider those who started work early and we have to consider the difficulty,” he said. She also calls for more progressiveness by considering a “voluntary” extension of the retirement age.


A prime minister from the left? ” Why not “

At the end of his interview with Franceinfo, Emmanuel Macron says that in the event of victory, he does not rule out the appointment of a prime minister from the ranks of the left. He promises to bring together “all the talents” who would like to join him in a possible second term and praises the merits of his budget minister, Olivier Dussopt, who “did not vote for the first budgets of 2017”.

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