Elden Ring: Come and Compete with Panthaa and Kaname in this Gaming Live

Game news Elden Ring: Come and Compete with Panthaa and Kaname in this Gaming Live

As we all know, From Software Studios was able to create a huge buzz around Elden Ring. Miyazaki’s production was praised by the press and warmly received by audiences. Today, starting at 12:30 p.m., we invite you to take on Pantha and Kaname in this extraordinary Gaming Live.

Dark fantasy love

I imagine a lot of people know this, but the license Dark Souls and now elden ring, are heavily inspired by the work of Kentaro Miura: Berserk. Its references, its atmosphere, but above all its iconography, Elden Ring oozes its love for dark fantasy through every pore, transcribing the genre perfectly on our video game support. Without reinventing the wheel, Elden Ring takes inspiration from iconic gothic scenes and adapts them with an elegant and finely crafted game design. In addition to allowing the player to move freely, the Japanese studio has provided a multiplayer mode like Souls to invade other players’ worlds. A way to create competition in a game dedicated primarily to the single player experience. As strange as it may seem, you should know that this component is fully integrated into the diegesis of Elden Ring’s lore.

Already a classic

It is an observation for all gamers, Elden Ring is a great game that will surely mark the history of the video game world. From Software now sees things big and manages to synthesize all their acquired knowledge to create a body of work that marks a turning point in their way of producing games. This arrangement of gameplay pieces is not everything in this work. In fact, what gamers have been waiting for is the universe that Elden Ring is set in. After announcing her partnership with Game of Thrones creator Georges RR Martin, eyes quickly turned to the new Elden Ring lore. A world full of information that must be successfully deciphered, understood and assimilated is From Software’s recipe, which was already essential for Demon’s Souls.

Panthaa and Kaname invite you to take on them live this Friday at 12:30 p.m.

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