Emmanuel Macron says he wants to ‘continue on this point’

He wants ” move “ on Individualizing Disabled Adult Assistance (AAH). Emmanuel Macron expressed on Friday April 15 the desire to change the calculation of this aid – which today takes into account the spouse’s income – an unexpected development that his government and the majority have rejected several times in 2021.

“We have to keep going from here”the presidential candidate agreed on Franceinfo, responding to Lucie Carrasco, a globetrotter with a disability, who declared that if she got married, she would lose her pocket money – and with it her financial independence.

Currently in France, “Any service (…), we consider your family situation and thus the couple’s ability to contribute. What is true is that it creates an anomalous situation for people with disabilities, so we will postpone it.”, he said. While the Franceinfo journalist pointed out to him that this proposal did not appear in his programme, the head of state raised the possibility“Having an income that is unconditional and allows for support but is not such a cleaver today which is absurd”.

The AAH created in 1975 is intended to compensate for the inability to work. With a maximum of 904 euros per month, it is paid according to medical and social criteria. It now has more than 1.2 million beneficiaries, including 270,000 people in couples.

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“We want to believe it”

Collectif Handicaps, which brings together around fifty federations, welcomed the candidate’s announcement on Friday but preferred to remain cautious while awaiting details on the concrete terms of this development. “Two years of government opposition to all political parties”then “An opening ten days before the second round” : “We’d like to believe it. But a clearer answer from Emmanuel Macron (…) would have been interesting”commented the collective on twitter.

“The good news is that the President doesn’t seem stuck on this issue anymore”Stéphane Lenoir, coordinator of the collective, told Agence France-Presse. “But we remain cautious because his announcement is very vague”he added.

Marine Le Pen, the National Rally candidate who will face the outgoing president in the second round, has criticized her competitor’s recent development on the issue. « The deconjugation of AHH [sic] is a measure I have always defended in Parliament”She wrote on twitter. “Our compatriots with disabilities could already benefit if E. Macron had not refused. President, I will keep my word and enforce this social justice measure.”promised the far-right leader.

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Stormy Session

In October 2021, the majority had rejected the individualization of the AAH to people in pairs after a heated debate, while the opposition from the Republicans (LR) to La France insoumise called for it in unison “deconjugation” the allowance. The Republic on the Move considered this measure unfair as it benefited both humble and wealthy people indiscriminately. “We expect to give more to those who really need it”Sophie Cluzel, the state secretary responsible for people with disabilities, argued at the time.

This issue also sparked a stormy session in the plenary chamber in June after a proposal by Deputy LR Aurélien Pradié was rejected. Red cards were waved in particular by opposition MPs as a sign of protest against the government.

Last year, 22 organizations and associations, including APF France Handicap, asked Mr Macron to do this “a historical reform”to the “Consider this allowance primarily as an individual subsistence level”.

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