Energy saving: how to benefit from the 1000 euro increase in MaPrimeRénov introduced on April 15?

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The increase of MaPrimeRénov ‘this Friday concerns in particular a bonus of 1000 additional euros to replace a boiler fueled by heating oil or gas with a boiler powered by renewable energy.

As part of the “resilience plan” announced by the government in mid-March, the Minister for Ecological Change, Barbara Pompili, also announced that subsidies for the “MaPrimeRénov” energy renovation would be increased by 1,000 euros. A good savings opportunity for people who want to swap out their boiler…

We raise #MaPrimeRenov €1,000 to replace fossil fuel boilers with solutions such as heat pumps.

The total grant can be up to €9,000.

An effective way to reduce our bills and our dependency on fossil fuels.#PlanResilience

— Barbara Pompili (@barbarapompili) March 16, 2022

The increase in aid announced by Barbara Pompili on Thursday 17 March has been in effect since Friday 15 April. Eligible households can therefore claim an additional EUR 1,000, in particular for boiler replacement work. The MaPrimeRénov subsidy is an individual energy renovation subsidy introduced in 2020, which notably provides financial support for the replacement of a fossil fuel boiler with a renewable energy boiler.

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Who can benefit from the aid?

To be eligible for this subsidy, you must be the owner of a detached house or apartment that was built more than 15 years ago. An apartment that must be occupied as a primary residence. The best way to find out if you are eligible is to visit the government website and enter your tax number. A simulation is available.

Only three types of equipment are eligible. That manual or automatic boiler Operation with wood or other biomass, operation of heating systemsthermal solar energy and the geothermal or solar thermal heat pumps.

Up to EUR 9,000 allowance depending on income

The calculation of the grant awarded is based on income and the number of people in the household where the energy work is being carried out. This calculation also takes into account the ecological benefit achieved by the work. According to the minister, the total aid can be up to 9,000 euros.

“For a heat pump, for example, 12,000 euros, the rest is only 3,000 euros for a modest household. That corresponds to the installation of a gas boiler,” says the website of the Ministry of the Environment.

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How do I apply?

You must first request a quote from a certified Recognized Environmental Guarantor (RGE) in order to carry out approved work. Then simply go to the website to request assistance by creating an account. An estimate will be sent to you for an idea. And then you need to start work.

After completing the renovation, all you have to do is transfer the invoices and receipts to the area you created on the construction site. After the final allocation, the aid will be transferred to your bank account.

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