Entry into Morocco: expected relief in the coming days (Pr Moutawakil)

On April 8, the Ministry of Health implemented a measure in the interim for access to national territory by sea. You have the option of presenting a vaccination card WHERE a negative PCR test that is less than 72 hours old.

For the moment, this measure applies only to sea entry points, until “the adoption of a uniform health protocol for access to the national territory”. It is therefore not yet applied at airports where travelers arriving in Morocco are required to present a vaccination certificate. AND a PCR test.

Compliance with the protocol of access to the national territory is still expected from tour operators, but also from tourists and Moroccans residing abroad (MRE) who want to travel to Morocco without having to meet this double condition.

Experts and members of the scientific and technical commissions (against Covid-19 and vaccination) contacted by Médias24 recommend accelerating the relaxation of the conditions of entry into Morocco by harmonizing the measures taken.

“We will most likely get relief in the next few days”

Professor Saïd Moutaouakil, member of the Scientific and Technical Committee against Covid-19, recalls that “the resumption of maritime transport should give a commercial impetus. Therefore, the process has been accelerated to allow for a more fluid exchange”, especially since “the health situation is much more reassuring”.

Professor Moutaouakil believes Morocco will do this “very likely to experience relief in the coming days”. He said he advocated expanding ship passenger facilities to “harmonize them with the airways”. An easing that he believes should apply universally and not only affect countries classified in the green zone. And that as long as there is no dangerous variant in circulation.

“The subvariant Omicron ‘XE’ gives decision-makers food for thought. However, we will most likely and in the coming days harmonize things,” says Professor Moutaouakil.

Vaccination card or PCR test: not both at the same time

Reached by Médias24, Dr. Saïd Afif, member of the Scientific and Technical Committee on Vaccination, said it was necessaryAccelerate the harmonization of health conditions for all travelers, regardless of the point of entry.

“From a purely scientific point of view, the difference between the health protocol for entry by sea and that for airports makes no sense. We always respect the health aspect. Our situation (in Morocco, editor’s note) like this other countries classified in the green zoneallows to take the same measures, namely the presentation of a negative PCR test for people who do not have a vaccination certificate and the presentation of the vaccination certificate for those who do not both at the same time”he continues.

“You have to think short-term, especially on the occasion of Eid, which will encourage MREs to return to Morocco. Some large families, despite being vaccinated, will be forced to pay large sums of money for PCR testing. You have to think about it facilitate their travels. If there is something new on the health front, the authorities will adapt,” adds Dr. Afif added.

The same applies to Professor Jaâfar Heikel, epidemiologist, infectious disease specialist and health economist. “As the health situation changes in the coming months, public policies will adapt. “But for now, he assures, “Moroccan epidemiological data (frequency, severity, hospitalization, resuscitation, etc.) are green”.

“These indicators have never been better than in March 2020. In fact, they are excellent. In addition, 80% of the population received primary vaccination, 17% received the 3rd dose and 1.2 million people became infected. We have a fairly comfortable and sufficiently protective herd immunity,” says Professor Heikel.

The latter concludes: “We must always be careful and vigilant in ensuring epidemiological surveillance. However, this does not require overly restrictive measures; Proportionality must be guaranteed. Many people run the risk of not making it to Morocco, for example because of the high prices for PCR tests in Europe or the restriction to do it 48 hours before departure. These people therefore run the risk of changing their holiday destination. However, due to the current state of health, it is not necessary to request both the negative PCR test and the vaccination card to enter Morocco. Easing in this direction is justified on a health level, but also on an economic and psychological level, the latter affecting citizens in particular. »

Entry to Morocco: vaccination card OR PCR test? Relaxation is required

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Apr 15, 2022 @ 3:56pm

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