FC Bayern: Stefan Effenberg advises Thomas Müller and Robert Lewandowski to resign from the national team

This creates a “danger for the season. At 32, 33 or 34, I have to listen to my body and think about how long it will work,” Effenberg explained.

The football expert said he expected more from the experienced players in Bayern’s squad in the second leg against Villarreal (1-1) in the quarter-finals.

So Effenberg clarified: “I have no idea it didn’t work out. It’s evidence of tactical shortcomings and individual mistakes. And it has little to do with the management of the club. .”

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He hopes Bayern professionals will question themselves after leaving the premier class.

“How did this happen? And what lessons can I learn from it for the future?” Some of the questions should be, according to the 53-year-old.

Stefan Effenberg: Age can ‘play a role’

“I just want to give an example that affects older players like Robert Lewandowski, Thomas Müller and Manuel Neuer, and especially Müller and Lewandowski as outfield players. Despite all their goals, assists and often solid performances, they lost the Cup at Gladbach (0:5) and now in two games against Villarreal they haven’t done their best, that is, in the most important games of the season,” explained Effenberg.

He therefore “cannot rule out that age played a role – nor the fact that they have been chasing the same titles at this high level and under pressure for ten or twelve years”. Effenberg continued: “Maybe one or the other ran out of time. Or at least he needs to change something to be on top of his game and present for the club in the most important matches.”

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