Foot OL – Lyon Sauce Aulas, it’s blah blah and no result – Olympique Lyonnais

For 24 hours and the collapse of Lyon in the Europa League, Jean-Michel Aulas has been multiplying the explanations to convince everyone that in the end everything is not thrown away. The president’s speech doesn’t really go through anymore.

Jean-Michel Aulas had drawn trains and the mine of the bad days after Lyon’s Europa League fiasco. A negative result that angered angry OL supporters that the months follow each other and look the same, with keep talking and never results. The C3 has been the last real hope for Olympique Lyonnais this season and losing to West Ham is an added stab in the back for Les Gones. Faithful to his nature and brave of him, the President of Lyon has faced this criticism, even if his speech is no longer really convincing and even arouses a little pity. Jean-Michel Aulas is weakened from this season when talking about women, Gambardella, Barça, Alatanta or even PSG.

A tough season for the Olympique Lyonnais president

But that doesn’t stop the president of Olympique Lyonnais from still wanting to believe in better times. “ Football has changed. Since 2011, the PSG came with different means than before. Other clubs have also managed, Lille for example, but in a special economic situation. There is an argument. Once we had a coach criticized by fans and journalists (editor’s note: Bruno Genesio), today he’s doing quite well and to our disadvantage. We see that OL has remained the leading French European club over time. Our structures have changed completely. We have the elements that allow us to recover and thrive. The trading company will provide a lifeline to French football, including OL. Since we are healthy, we will be able to reposition ourselves. There are only a few clubs that are at our level, in France and in Europe. We feel it’s a shame not to have won titles in 10 years, it’s not because our women have won 7 Champions Leagues for example. We are also in the final of the Gambardella Cup, with a successful academy. It’s no litany to say we haven’t won anything in a decade because 99% of the other teams have the same speech too. If we don’t give up, we can certainly qualify in Europe and win titles “Said a Jean-Michel Aulas who wished so much to win the Europa League and a ticket to the next Champions League.

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