Gary Coleman (Arnold and Willy): accused of sexual assault twelve years after his death

He asked me to sit on the bed. It was very sweet. And then he started tickling me a little bit“: We’re in the mid-80s. Gary Coleman, made famous by his round face and body lines Arnold and WillieA very popular young man, he signs a contract with Molly Shannon, slightly older than him and early in his career. From that moment things go wrong according to her.

In fact, the actress, now 57, recently accused the actor of attempting to abuse her in a hotel room. After the interpreter’s first approaches to Arnold, trying to remain polite, she would have explained to him that she was a virgin and didn’t want to rush him. Waste of time as the actor is getting more and more aggressive while trying to force kiss her.

I pushed him away. Then he hit me

He kept trying to kiss me and step on me and I said, ‘No, Gary. To stop.’ So I rejected him, got up from the bed, but he started to climb and hop on the bed, then he took me in his arms. I pushed him away. Then he climbed on top of me. (…) It started again and again‘ she explains on the show The Howard Stern Showwhile she is currently in full promotion for her book Hello Molly.

Serious allegations that the actress has made so far, while she has had a brilliant career, especially at Saturday night live. His attacker, meanwhile, will be unable to defend himself from the media or the judiciary: he died in 2010 after a lifetime of incidents, scandals and violence.

When he comes of age when he is in full glory thanks Arnold and Willieon a series where he played a little black boy who was adopted by a rich old white gentleman, he realizes his parents have stolen his fortune and he’s ruined.

After suing her and winning more than $1.3 million, he quickly loses everything and has to work odd jobs to survive. Married until 2008, he was arrested many times for domestic violence and the turbulent relationship he has with his wife made many headlines.

Until his death in 2010: he suffered from a kidney disease that gave him his small size (1.42 m) and childlike appearance. He became unwell and cracked his head in a fall, killing him within 24 hours.

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