Ghost of Tsushima: The PS5 and PS4 exclusive says goodbye with a final update

Gaming News Ghost of Tsushima: The PS5 and PS4 exclusive says goodbye with a final update

Is it time for Ghost of Tsushima to turn the page for a fresh and even brighter future? Apparently the developers seem to be telling us that with this 2.18 update, probably the last one.

ghost of the past

Ghost of Tsushima was Sony’s last major PlayStation 4 exclusive: released in July 2020, shortly after The Last of Us Part II and a few months before the arrival of the PS5. Jin Sakai’s adventure convinced more than one. It has to be said that despite some obvious flaws, its flavorful atmospheric adventure, backed by an irresistible artistic direction, hit the mark: a fairly logical commercial success and which should prompt Sucker Punch to prepare a sequel, of which there are some hints.

Almost two years after the release of the game The developers have just delivered a new update, sweetly named 2.18 on PS4 and 2,015,000 on PS5. This mainly focuses on Legends, the multiplayer part added later as an expansion, as well as a small bug in the single player mode while making an adjustment for one of the resources to be recovered. It’s pretty minimal, but there’s enough to complete the experience.

Above all, The official description states that the development team is no longer working on a future fix and then seize the opportunity “Sending a huge THANK YOU to the entire community for their unwavering support and valuable help since the game’s release.”. The studio also states that it will monitor the subreddit if any major bugs ever occur and are identified. but the message is clearly a farewell message.

“We are infinitely grateful to everyone who has accompanied us on this journey”we can read in the last sentence. It therefore seems that this is indeed the last update for Ghost of Tsushima. Here is all the content.

All content in Ghost of Tsushima update 2.18


  • Fixed a bug where an ally’s health could briefly drop below zero, causing “death” in Custom Mode and Raid Trials, which could prevent unlocking the Secret Will cosmetic item.
  • Added button to import PS4 saves in standalone Legends builds (transferring saves from PS4 console). Select “Yes” on the legend import screen.
  • Divided Wounds no longer interrupts the Assassin’s Vanish skill.
  • Added new objective “Complete the Party”, Custom Mode – “Perfect Closing”. Therefore, players who want to unlock the Secret Will cosmetic item can look for different parts than those who want a different Custom Mode experience.

Item Adjustments:

  • All legendary katanas grant perks for mastering the stance by default, including stances unlocked by perks. If you have already unlocked a Stand Mastery perk, you can freely renew it for a new perk.
  • Legendary Charms can now be combined with perks and traits that were previously only available to class charms when the Legendary Charm is bound to the class in question.
  • Significantly reduced Determination gains with Black Powder Bombs.
  • Rebound Arc no longer generates additional resolve for ricocheting arrows.
  • Added the Projectiles perk to Caltrops and Demonic Seeds.
  • Black Powder Bombs, Flash Bombs, Flaming Arrows, and Armor Piercing Arrows with the Projectiles perk have had their spawn rates reduced.
  • The maximum value of the Melee Resolve trait has been increased to 25%.
  • Maximum fire damage property value increased to 20%.
  • Assassination damage from above maximum property value increased to 50%.
  • The melee damage of the samurai skill Deep Strikes has been increased by 25%.
  • Fixed a bug where black powder bombs were not counted in some mastery challenges.
  • Fixed a bug that caused modifiers to be displayed incorrectly for Gold and Silver difficulty Survival Missions.
  • Fixed a bug in Survival mode where some rewards were missing if a ghost died between the end of the last wave and the score display.
  • Fixed a very rare bug that prevented completing the Legends tutorial.

single player mode

  • Increased stocks of silk at merchants in New Game+.
  • Fixed issues in dialogue and cutscenes.
Ghost of Tsushima: The PS5 and PS4 exclusive says goodbye with a final update

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