Gil Ofarim misses the deadline: lawsuits against hotel employees are dropped

A defamation charge is still pending against Gil Ofarim. Image: imago images / LUMMA-FOTO

In October 2021, Gil Ofarim claimed in an Instagram video that he received anti-Semitic slurs from a hotel employee in Leipzig. The hotel employee was then investigated for incitement to hatred. The suspicions being insufficient, the investigation was abandoned at the end of March.

The video, in which Ofarim claims the Westin hotel worker asked him to cover the chain with a Star of David pendant, even received international attention. Ofarim was invited to many talk shows and received support from colleagues and fans. Over time, however, more and more doubts arose as to the veracity of the events described by Gil Ofarim.

For example, video recordings showed that Ofarim obviously did not wear the chain. There were also reports that the singer threatened hotel staff with a video that would go “viral”.

Shortly after the alleged incident, Ofarim posted this video:

Ofarim missed the deadline

The Leipzig public prosecutor’s office has just announced that Ofarim has not lodged a complaint against the discontinuation of the procedure. Because he let the deadline expire, the investigations against the hotel employee are now definitively closed.

A statement from the spokesperson said: “The charges against the hotel employee were dropped by order dated March 31. Mr. Ofarim did not press charges, so the judgment is final.”

The case against Ofarim, on the other hand, has not been dropped: he continues to be accused of false suspicion and defamation. The Leipzig District Court is to decide in the near future whether the lawsuit against the 39-year-old musician will be admissible. It is currently unclear if and when there might be a trial against Ofarim.


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