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The Colombian colossus Freddy Rincón died in a violent accident on Wednesday at the age of 55. outstanding representative of football crackedhe was a player ahead of his time.

He breathes new life into football. who came from far away. With its share of secrets. In 1990, a new truth seemed to be emerging in northern South America: in the midst of an airtight double World Cup, Colombia offered their football crackedwho nursed the ball on a cadence medium pace broken by violent cavalcades. In the gate a flying goalkeeper, René Higuita. Carlos Valderrama’s luscious hair on his wand. And then, Freddy Rincón, took off right off the bat El pipe, in injury time, a race in which his speed and power left the rear guard of the future German world champion on the ground to equalize (1-1) that would blow up Bogota, Cali, Medellín or Barranquilla. It was more than a goal, it was a claim that Colombia could look the mighty West Germany in the eye, the best in the world, even if they were held to a knockout defeat by Cameroon.
Another race three years later. In the Estadio Monumental in Buenos Aires, Buenaventura’s colossus (1.87 m, 82 kilos) flies behind the Argentines’ backs. This is the first rocket in a fireworks show that will destroy Colombia Albiceleste (5-0). The whole world then begins to get excited about Asprilla, Valderrama and Rincón. They even made him one of the favorites for the 1994 World Cup. When Argentina’s Jorge Valdano, then Real Madrid coach, signed Rincón in 1995, he was full of praise for an attacking midfielder who could ” Investment ” . Power, technical agility and speed. He is then perceived as a footballer of a new breed who could embody the future of his sport. “He could still play today (in larger teams)because he was ahead in sport and the talent has no expiry date. said the world champion from 1986 again this week, as the daily newspaper AS named him Freddy Rincón after the ultimately fatal accident. Readers by Gabriel García Márquez and Isabel Allende, center cafeteria loved being led by the “Football Philosopher” . But his move to Real Madrid will be disastrous. Valdano is fired, the team isn’t turning and a fringe of supporters meringues doesn’t like it when a black player wears his white jersey. According to Rincón, even President Lorenzo Sanz, who arrived mid-season, did not hide his xenophobia. “”When I arrive he will be the first to leave,” he had promised” assured the first Colombian to play for Real Madrid.

Europe will not understand

One could speak of a broken promise, similar to the 1994 World Cup, which was marked by elimination in the first round tricolor and the disastrous epilogue of the shooting of Andrés Escobar. But for Rincón, like the other key elements of the exciting selection of the first half of the 1990s, the European context was unfavorable. It was in front of the Bosman station when only three foreigners could provide a workforce. The cultural differences were as pronounced on site as they were outside. Rincón also struggled to adapt at Napoli, where he made his European debut a year before joining Madrid. This chopping expert was considered an attacker – which he wasn’t – and his seven goals weren’t enough to convince the tifosi. In Madrid, the record ofEl Coloso will simply be empty: not the slightest goal. He was that pioneer who suffered to pave the way. No isolated element.

Under the cracks canteens Of the Maturana generation, only the sojourn in Europe by the nevertheless bizarre Faustino Asprilla can be regarded as a relative success. But the Parma and Newcastle ex had landed at 22. When he comes to the White House, Rincón has just celebrated his 29th birthday. He already has a long South American career behind him, which will experience a second part. It will be in Brazil, where he already impressed in 1994 with the Palmeiras of Roberto Carlos, Edmundo and César Sampaio. He also returned to the club then owned by Parmalat, but with neighbor Corinthians he became a legend. Most notably, he won two championships (1998 and 1999) and, above all, the Club World Cup in 2000 with the most supported club in Brazil. .. Real Madrid by Raúl and Anelka, while the final will be played between the first of two chickens of four. In a competition organized in Rio de Janeiro, Rincón and others bow to Vasco de Gama de Romário, who was playing at home. Meanwhile, the midfielder also played at the third consecutive World Cup, in 1998, but this historic Colombia – only one appearance before 1990 – has lost its temerity.

It was Kali

El Coloso explained that he began to develop his imposing physique when he brought back materials he had gathered with his brothers at Buenaventura Port to help build the family home. Benjamin concentrated on football with his eight siblings, and he had hardened his contact with the older ones very early on. In very good physical shape despite the past few years, in 2012, at the age of 46, Rincón had considered putting on the crampons to help America Cali, with whom he had had his best hours in his country (champions in 1990 and 1992). the first division. He will ultimately only play a friendly game. In 2019 he is also Millonarios’ short-lived assistant to José Luis Pinto, the coach who launched him in Santa Fe in 1986.

After his cleats were officially launched in 2004, Rincón made headlines again, mostly because of legal issues. As if the brimstone of Colombian football’s “narcos” years couldn’t spare him, he was arrested by Panama in São Paulo in 2007 on charges of money laundering and criminal organisations. Released after four months, he went through the interrogation box again in 2015 and was specifically suspected of serving as a front man for a drug dealer, a former member of the Cali cartel and like him a native of Buenaventura. In 2016 it will be cleared anyway. Ray News, he also survived an accident in 2013. Consequence: some broken bones. Speed ​​is his enemy this time. However, his physical strength kept hopes of recovery alive despite the terrible shock he suffered on Sunday night. Hit by a bus after running a red light, according to initial findings of the investigation, he has since been in critical condition and died on Wednesday. To honor El Coloso, giant of Colombian football, the mayor of Cali has ordered a three-day mourning. The football world also mourns the passing of this former player of a new breed.

By Thomas Goubin

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