Here’s how we saw the RB players at Atalanta

This is how we saw the players of RB Leipzig during the 2-0 (1-0) victory against Atalanta in Bergamo

Pierre Gulacsi: There was a lot to do in the first half, especially at the start of the game. Had to defuse a shot from Zapacosta (6′), Mailonovskyi (17′) and a cross from Zapata (36′). After the break, it became calmer, Atalanta could no longer reach him. Rating: 2.

Mohammad Simakan: Was strong on the man, again using his arms to the fullest which this time didn’t work negatively. Strong duel rate of 75%. In the end, he unnecessarily picked up the second yellow card and was suspended in the first leg of the semi-finals. Rating: 2.5.

Willy Orban: Also missing a yellow card in the semi-finals. A big loss because the defender showed all his class against Bergamo. Aimed, mounted fire prevented and ended up decapitating just about every log out of the danger zone. Rating: 2.5.

Josko Gvardiol: Discreet game of the Croatian. If Bergamo became dangerous, it was through his side, where Angeliño also struggled to tame the Italians alongside him. His dueling rate was moderate at 33%. Rating: 3.5.

Benjamin Henriches: Had his side well under control for the most part. Played the pass to Laimer, who started the 1-0 with his solo. Footnote 3.

Konrad Laimer: Exceptional play by the Austrian. Started his solo run to make it 1-0 with a short pass to Henrichs himself. Had the 2-0 on foot in the 55th minute, Atalanta goalkeeper Musso saved in the last second. Was the best man on the pitch alongside Nkunku. Footnote 1.

Kevin Kampl: One of the veteran’s best games for RB. Had the defense under his control. Leading, distributing the balls and determining the rhythm between holding the ball and fast counter-attacks when recovering the ball. Rating: 1.5.

Angelin: Average appearance of the Spaniard, who had his problems, especially in the backward movement until the break. A few of his crosses were worth seeing but were unrefined. Rating: 3.5.

Christopher Nkunku: Two hits, man of the match. Nkunku is the guarantee of success for RB, who polishes everything that his colleagues prepare for him. Made it 1-0 after Laimer submitted and himself made it 2-0. Musso put it in the penalty area first and then converted safely from the penalty spot. Footnote 1.

Dan Olmo: Good game from the Spaniard. Was busy, always ready to play in attacks and worked with counter-pressing. Had no chance to score and was lucky when the ball flew into his hand from a Bergamo free-kick into the penalty area. Compatriot Lahoz qualifies the action as compliant. Rating: 2.5.

Andrew Silva: Was no longer on the pitch when the penalty was called, sparing him a possible demotion as Forsberg’s second taker after the missed penalty in the first leg. Caught good balls, was alert and confident in his actions. But he did not come close to the goal. Footnote 3.

Dominik Szoboszlai (63rd): No exclamation point from Hungary like in the 3-0 win over Hoffenheim in the league. But he did his job with precision. Only had twelve ball contacts in 24 minutes. Score 3.*

*We only evaluate players who entered before the 70th minute.

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