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Diabetes in young children? You understood? Diabetes not only in old age? “A lot of people still believe in it”says pediatric endocrinologist and diabetologist Dr. Thomas Kapellen, chief physician of the Median Children’s Hospital in Naumburg. “But diabetes can develop as early as crawling age.” in the Pharmacy Magazine “Baby and Family” Parents learn the warning signs to look out for.

Warning: the symptoms seem harmless

Unlike type 2 diabetes, also known as “adult diabetes”, in children and adolescents, type 1 diabetes like an autoimmune disease, blood sugar is out of balance. Your own immune system attacks and destroys insulin producing cells in the pancreas. Without insulin, the body cannot infiltrate glucose from food into cells and use it as energy source advantage – blood sugar rises accordingly.

on four warning signs Parents should pay attention to the following points: children drink a lot, have to go to the toilet all the time or always have full diapers, are limp, tired and lose weight, although they eat normally. Particularly spectacular That doesn’t seem to be the case – but that’s exactly the problem, warns the expert Kapellen. Because if type 1 diabetes remains undetected and untreated, the high rate blood sugar level can quickly derail the metabolism, especially in young children.

In case of suspicion, immediately go to the pediatrician

If parents notice symptoms indicating diabetes, they should go to the pediatric practice come, where the suspicion can be verified with a simple urine sample and supported by a blood test. Because untreated type 1 diabetes can quickly turn into emergency threat walking Thomas Kapellen thinks attentive parents are the most likely to notice changes in their child. “So don’t hesitate to see the doctor”, he encourages. The motto applies: Better to act too worried than too careless.

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