Janine Wissler needs an explanation: MeToo allegations uncovered at the Left State Association

Janine Wissler needs explanations
MeToo allegations uncovered at the Linken-Landesverband

The former left-wing leader of Hesse allegedly sexually assaulted a minor a few years ago. According to a press report, it is the ex-partner of the current Federal President Wissler. The man denies the allegations.

Sexual assaults have allegedly taken place on the Hessian left for years. This is reported by the “Spiegel”. According to the magazine, one of the defendants is Adrian G., the former partner of Federal President Janine Wissler. The man, a former executive of the state of Hesse, allegedly behaved abusively towards a young party novice in 2018 and 2019. The 22-year-old young woman with whom he had an affair accuses him, among other things, of filming her having sex when she was a minor.

The report states that one night G. also entered her apartment from the balcony. The person concerned informed the then leader of the parliamentary group in the Hessian state parliament, Janine Wissler, of this reconstitution in 2018 by e-mail. Asked by the magazine, Wissler did not comment specifically on the matter, but said the young woman had not informed her of a “sexual assault” and had not asked her to intervene. The man denies the allegations.

According to the “Spiegel”, Wissler explained that she immediately contacted the national association and revealed “what personal connection there might be with it” after rumors of G’s alleged misconduct on Instagram became known for the first time last November. At the beginning of the year, she asked that a “trust group” within the party executive take up the case. According to the media report, Wissler and the party left it open whether she revealed to the party that she had ever learned of the nightly harassment allegation against her ex-partner G. in 2018.

After the allegations against G. emerged, other alleged victims also spoke out, it is said. Jakob Hammes, spokesman for ‘Solid’ Leftist Youth says 25 people have accused him of more than 30 leftists, including federal politicians. The district chairman of Wiesbaden is quoted by the magazine as saying: “Unfortunately, we have had no structures to which those affected can turn. This is a grievance of which we have painfully become aware.” We are now looking for “professional ways to find a sensitive and appropriate treatment” of the subject. According to the “Spiegel”, the Hessian state council has now adopted a new code of conduct and awareness-raising structures are also to be put in place.

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