Johnny Depp: How are his kids Lily-Rose and Jack Depp coping with the climb?

The war rages on between ex-spouses Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, who constantly toss the ball to find out who is to blame for the divorce. A difficult and serious process since against the background of allegations of domestic violence and the history of the scenes that are said to have played out between them and the father of Lily-Rose and Jack Depp. But how did his children manage at the time of the surge, fruits of his love for Vanessa Paradis?

While Johnny Depp is currently spending most of his time in court, Vanessa Paradis decided to pack her bags in Los Angeles for this defamation trial. This allows the actress, protective and fusing mom to be closer to her dear and affectionate Lily-Rose Depp (age 22) and Jack Depp (who just celebrated her 20th birthday). Galawhich hits newsstands this Thursday, April 14, reports that she has returned to the heights of Hollywood, leaving behind that adventure at the Edouard VII theater for the play mother, written by her husband Samuel Benchetrit. Because “it’s a whole family that wants to cover it with its grand piano”, our colleagues specify.

Complicated lovers in the city of angels

But Lily-Rose Depp was able to inherit her parents’ strong character and seems to have learned to deal with moments of too much media pressure. At the time of this boom, the young woman, Chanel muse, chained projects together, benefiting particularly from her lovely romance with Frenchwoman Yassine Stein. And when she’s not filming the series alongside The Weeknd idol (HBO), it’s not uncommon to see the 22-year-old actress strolling the streets of Los Angeles with her lover. When she’s not indulging in a spree on Melrose Avenue, it’s just a smile that shares a few moments of complicity that surprises her on the arm of Yassine Stein.

Jack Depp, always so discreet

What about his brother Jack Depp? On April 9, the son of Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp celebrated his 20th birthday. And always with the utmost discretion. When Lily-Rose Depp sometimes posts a few photos of her on Instagram, Jack is absent from social media or there under a different identity. In 2020 the Daily Mail loaned him a relationship with a pretty model two years his senior, Camille Jansen. “My parents made it possible for my brother and me to have an education that was as private as possible. That’s why I want to protect my privacy now (…)“, Lily-Rose Depp confided to the Sun. Ever more discreet, the children of the Paradis-Depp couple can now count on their mother’s presence to protect them body and soul. Like her, Jack Depp has always been able to take care of himself relying on his parents to keep him safe during this complicated time.

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