Kristofer, the Maestro, forced to leave the set, the unlikely reason

Kristofer, the Maestro phenomenon

Don’t forget the lyrics: one thing is for sure, Nagui probably didn’t expect to share the stage with a character like this. The young Belgian law student has no shortage of anecdotes, and his wacky demeanor has hosts, audience and viewers alike laughing. OHe remembers the day he told Nagui he had a chance to find himself in the restroom with…Patrick Bruel. But when he explains that his father wanted to take a picture with him as he exited the restroom, Nagui didn’t hide his embarrassment. Ultimately, this is the relationship between the two: Kristofer is speaking, and Nagui is falsely embarrassed, or at least destabilized. It had been a long time since a contestant had taken up so much space on stage. Far be it from us to moan.

We also remember the finale of the second show when Kristofer is performing Haut les mains (of the Ottawan group) and suddenly addresses Nagui by intoning the words “I’ve come to the conclusion that you are the love of my life”. Nagui doesn’t hide his amazement or laughter as he comes across as hilarious. But Kristofer continues: “At night I dream of you in my bed”, still addresses Nina’s father, Adrien, Roxane and Annabel. There is a moment of uneasiness as the host declares that he is alive” strange at this moment“. He understands it at that moment: he never gets bored with Kristofer. But it’s also the strength of the game of France 2 to find colorful candidates, but always benevolent, without necessarily being able to put them in a very specific box.

Kristofer suddenly leaves the set

Don’t forget the lyrics: Since he’s the Maestro, he faces candidates every day who want to take his place. Monday, April 11, it is Mylène who tries her luck and therefore faces Nagui and Kristofer. However, the latter does not seem to hold up. He paces while his competitor of the day declares that he is from the Var. A little annoyed by Kristofer’s behavior, Nagui, who doesn’t have his tongue in his pocket, interrupts his interview with Mylène to address the champion. But always with humor: Excuse me, excuse me ten seconds. Do you have to pee Kristofer?

If Nagui probably thought he was joking, he actually got it right. Kristofer actually wants to take a toilet break. ” Yes, really ! It’s true ! I am sorry ! he replies embarrassed. What annoys Nagui, who didn’t expect it. But the facilitator is not a despot and obviously allows the candidate to facilitate themselves. This gives her time to get to know Mylène further, who sees this absence as an opportunity to become the new champion. ” Whoever goes hunting loses his place” she says, before Nagui ends this sentence with his usual humor: “There’s who goes to shit“.

Perhaps a chasing issue prevented Kristofer from getting back to the set quickly as he was running late. But as if nothing had happened, the candidate returned to the stage ready to fight.

One of the show’s greatest champions

Nagui will no doubt have to get used to the champion’s eccentricities as he intends to leave his mark on the game’s story and currently has an incredible sum in his treasury. ” €161,000! This makes you the 25th best of all Maestros, draw with Julian », Nagui starts after his last win. ” It will be a bit more reassuring in the Masters, because if there are 7 candidates who steal your place by the summer, the chances are lower.”.

Don’t forget the words: in fact, by beating Mylène (that is, after her toilet emergency), the young man reached the height of 131,000 euros. Enough to take 32nd place in the ranking of the greatest maestros, alongside Virginie, and to be able to take part in the famous Masters.

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