Last “crime scene” with Meret Becker announced for May 22

DBerlin’s latest “Tatort” with Meret Becker as Nina Rubin takes place on May 22 in the first. Thus, the episode entitled “The girl who comes home alone” will be broadcast on the Sunday before the long weekend of Ascension (Father’s Day) and two weeks before Pentecost.

In this case (screenplay: Günter Schütter, director: Ngo The Chau) it’s about the garbage business and the sinkholes of a Russian mafia in Berlin. After the last case with Becker as Rubin, there will be a solo case for his colleague Robert Karow (played by Mark Waschke) in the fall, which was filmed recently.

Filming with the new duo RBB Waschke and Corinna Harfouch (67) is scheduled for the summer and aired in the spring of 2023.

Meret Becker played Chief Inspector Nina Rubin for seven years and investigated with her colleague Karow. There were fifteen episodes with the duo not always harmonious.

With over 10 million viewers in the first, the opening episodes “Tatort: ​​​​​​Das Muli” (March 22, 2015) and “Tatort: ​​​​​​Meta” (February 18, 2018) were the films the most successful of the team. The film “Meta” won a special Grimme award in February 2019.

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