Left Party sexual assault allegations

Abuse of power, macho culture, photos of a minor in sexual poses: there have been sexual assaults in the Left Party in Hesse for years.

Sexual assaults have reportedly taken place within the Hessian Left Party for years. After a report by the news magazine “Der Spiegel” on cases of sexual violence, the state executive board said on Friday in Wiesbaden: “We take the allegations made very seriously.” The party became aware of this at the end of November 2021 and has since started to “work at all levels”. Federal President Janine Wissler strongly opposed the fact that “I am accused of having protected anyone”. The allegations were discussed on Twitter under the hashtag “#linkemetoo”.

Photos and videos of an underage woman in sexual poses?

There are documents such as chat logs, photos or emails as well as affidavits from those involved referring to “alleged border crossings, abuse of power and a toxic macho culture”, reported “Der Spiegel “after discussions with ten women and men. . “An influential member of the Wiesbaden Left Party” in the Hessian state parliament took pictures and videos of an underage woman in sexual poses. She then denounced the politician for coercion and insult. At the time of the incidents, the current Federal President, Janine Wissler, was the leader of the Left Party in Hesse.

Wissler said she knew one of the two women involved. This informed her in 2018 “that she had a sexual relationship with my partner at the time.” After this revelation, she ended the relationship. In none of the subsequent contacts with her “was the allegation of sexual abuse or sexual violence raised,” Wissler says. She wasn’t asked either.

In the other case, she received an Instagram screenshot in November 2021, Wissler explained. In it, a young woman whom she does not know personally said “a few years ago she was sexually abused by a member of the Left Party in Wiesbaden and sexually harassed by a member of the SPD in Wiesbaden” .

“Resignation of all involved”

Wissler stressed that she takes allegations of sexual harassment, violence and sexual abuse very seriously and acted immediately upon learning of the allegations. The party executive created a trust group in October 2021 to help those affected.

“Sexual violence and sexism must have no place in our party,” the statement from the Hesse state executive said. The author’s claim of protection is rejected. Those affected were offered talks and “a comprehensive code of conduct” was agreed. The Wiesbaden district association organizes a workshop on “sexism awareness”. The appointment of one or more persons of confidence is planned for the next meeting of the Council of State on April 30.

The left-wing Solide jeunesse, which is associated with the party, spoke of a “slap in the face to the whole movement” and called for “credible feminist change in the party”. Federal left-leaning youth spokesman Jakob Hammes also called for “the resignation of all those involved who either committed or knew about the crimes and covered them up.”

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