‘Let’s Dance’ star Amira Pocher walks away from partner

Amira Pocher and Massimo Sinató have already reached the eighth show.Image: Joshua Sammer/Getty Images

Amira and Massimo Sinató are still in contention for victory on “Let’s Dance” and continue to go full throttle. Over the past week, however, the two had to shake for the first time, but thanks to enough spectator votes, they qualified for the next round. The fact that the two are the dancing couple together provided plenty of conversation starters, especially at the start of the season. This was also due to the two having a laid back mood.

Amira has previously admitted that she struggles to allow closeness. Motsi Mabuse even said in one of his judgments: “I had the idea that it was a little cold with you.” The mother of two sons explained to the cameras of RTL: “In the show we are really cheek to cheek, it should not be during rehearsal.” In an interview with “Gala”, the 29-year-old spoke openly about her initial difficulties.

Amira Pocher talks about her journey on “Let’s Dance”

Amira has now said of her dance partner: “I’ve been thrown into the deep end, someone foreign i.e. Massimo has been put by my side, with whom I spend eight hours a day, who touches me and hugs me. We had to warm up to each other first. But that didn’t depend on Massimo. I’ve heard others say we don’t love each other. But I think we behaved like two adults.”

Additionally, she noted: “I never understood people kissing on ‘Let’s Dance’. Neither did Massimo. We’re both married. There’s no reason for me to jump on him with momentum and legs apart. Besides, she doesn’t feel intimidated by the jury’s criticism. For her, it’s more of a surprise egg: “In recent weeks, I’ve learned that there is a lot of leeway between the perception of others and his.”

The moderator does not yet feel any competitive pressure either. The TV star said: “People say it’s more likely to happen from the quarter-finals. So as far as I know there’s still a very harmonious coexistence between everyone.” He seems to be particularly harmonious with her on vacation at the moment. A photo of a couple with her lover Oliver Pocher aroused the enthusiasm of her fans. In an interview with the magazine, she explained that there are also returns that particularly annoy her.

“At first, I was annoyed by statements like ‘Without Oliver Pocher, you would be nothing’ or ‘You just have to marry a famous man and you can participate in ‘Let’s Dance’. It annoys me that people don’t see that behind, he says amira And further: “Before I was in public and had a designer handbag, I was accused of letting a man take me pass. Now I buy these things myself and they say, You wouldn’t have all of this without your husband. What do you want from me? Make up your mind!”

In any case, Amira is very grateful to the comedian for having been the first to see his potential. Therefore, she does not deny that she is able to try certain things through him. That doesn’t mean anything negative for the ‘Let’s Dance’ contestant. She also clarified, “You have to bring something yourself, be diligent and want it.”


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