lively exchange between Macron and a teacher in Le Havre

The presidential candidate, who traveled to Le Havre this Thursday, was responding to a very angry history teacher.

“I have no reason to vote for you”. Ten days before the second round of the presidential election, candidates are increasing their travel activity. While Marine Le Pen traveled to Avignon (Vaucluse) this Thursday, Emmanuel Macron met his former Prime Minister Édouard Philippe in Le Havre (Seine-Maritime).

Amidst a crowd, the presidential candidate exchanged views with a teacher who is mad at him and doesn’t know which ballot to put in the ballot box on April 24.

“What is your project for the school? I am a history-geo teacher, I teach the Republic every day in the difficult neighborhoods of Le Havre. And I know who is the opposite, fascism, okay, guys, the heirs of Pétainism And specifically, I’m someone who teaches the Republic and I have no reason to vote for you,” the professor throws at him. “And that’s a big problem, I don’t know if you realize that, it’s a huge problem.”

“Firstly, if you don’t make that distinction as a teacher, it’s a huge problem,” replies Emmanuel Macron.

“Ahead of us we have fascism, pétainism”

The teacher then explains that a few weeks ago he was shocked by statements made by the President: “You said to someone: ‘You are very combative, that’s not a good thing'”. Emmanuel defends himself by declaring “that it was clear he was starting somewhere politically”.

“My moral problem is simple: in front of us we have Fascism, Pétainism, people who are against democracy, and the five years that we have just spent do not give me any objective reason to make this distinction,” the teacher continued .

“We have reinvested in national education […] all students in CP and CE1, and now in the large kindergarten department, in REP and REP+ we have divided the classes”, listed the presidential candidate, “the numbers are there”.

“If you are a teacher, you are interested in the facts”

“And where did the numbers go?” the teacher replies, “at what point in your campaign did you start talking about education? “You have a funny idea of ​​​​civil debate,” said Emmanuel Macron.

“Someone who hasn’t campaigned for two months and who’s there just because Madame Le Pen is campaigning opposite, democracy…” the history professor continues.

“You have funny words, I tell you that sincerely,” replies Emmanuel Macron and finally defends his school record: “We hired escorts again for admission, AESH. There are also 100,000 students with disabilities under this five-year term.” are in school. If you are a teacher, you are interested in the facts,” concluded Emmanuel Macron.

Hugo Garnier BFMTV journalist

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