‘Love Island’ winners Jenny and Nico: That’s how it is for us now – people

Her victory on “Love Island” surprised fans – now Jennifer (23) and Nico (26) want to build a life together in Düsseldorf.

What are you doing now with the prize money – and with your young love? In the BILD interview, the dome show contestants talk about happiness. And how it went for her immediately after her victory.

Because: Nico and Jennifer ended up together in the club. After all, victory was to be celebrated – like a quick hug. Jenny says, “We toasted and gave each other lots of kisses and hugs.”

The two are now a couple – and want to move in togetherFoto: RTLZWEI / Thomas Reiner

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The two are now a couple – and want to move in togetherPhoto: RTLZWEI / Thomas Reiner

But that’s all that happened – because fatigue won out. Nico: “I knew that on the one hand the dream was over and on the other hand that it was just beginning. We realized that. But after three weeks of the program, we were very tired – and fell asleep arm in arm.

After the victory slumber, the big question now ensues: what to do with the €50,000 prize money that the two are splitting?

Nico already has firm plans and thinks above all of his sweetheart: “We are going to invest mainly in Jenny’s musical career – because she has an ultra-filthy talent. It burns in her heart. She herself does not believe it. not really yet, partly because she’s had bad experiences with bad sponsors and promises. I’ll restore her faith.”

How romantic! And the 26-year-old does better: “It’s much more important than the money or the title that we both found each other. I hit the jackpot. From day one, there was something in the air between us and it was always good. We had both hit the jackpot before the final. You only find a soul mate like that once in a lifetime.

Jenny also has a big heart in her eyes: “The money comes and goes. We all go to work and then the money comes in. But the fact that we found each other is worth much more. It was clear to me that I would share this or even give him all the money. I’ve already won, even without the money.”

Such proof of love means the world to Nico. So much so that he is already talking about marriage!

Nico: “In any case, I see that she believes in our future together and in our dreams. She understands that a relationship and a marriage are about being a team. What’s hers is mine and what’s me is hers.”

Nico and his Jennifer will soon be able to cuddle without any television camerasFoto: RTLZWEI, ITV Studios Germany RTLZWEI

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Nico and his Jennifer will soon be able to cuddle without any television camerasPhoto: RTLZWEI, ITV Studios Germany RTLZWEI

The former singles also revealed their new relationship status to BILD: “We are a very happy couple and can’t wait for our journey together to begin.”

Where love should ALWAYS work as a long-distance relationship. Because the two live 300 kilometers apart – in Düsseldorf and St. Ingbert (Saarland). But that little problem has already been solved – because HE is packing his bags.

Nico: “300 kilometers is not a distance when it comes to the woman of my life. Düsseldorf is now my only option – because my wife lives there. I’m super excited to move in with her.”

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