Marc Surer criticizes Red Bull: ‘It was just sloppy’

( – The Red Bull RB18 is fast, but it’s unreliable: In all three races of the 2022 Formula 1 season, Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez failed to cover the full distance three times – with consequences for the intermediate classification in the general classification. Because Ferrari has already rushed there and even Mercedes has done better than Red Bull.

Max Verstappen in the Red Bull RB18 on the grid with the mechanics


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But has Verstappen already finished the World Championship with a deficit of 46 points after three races? In an interview on YouTube channel, Formula 1 expert Marc Surer says no and says: “With 23 races it’s actually not that much.”

“It seems like a lot, it makes a bad impression, but on the other hand we have to say he won a race. That means he is capable of winning and I think that’s the most important thing. to get out of it.”

Surer shows lack of understanding of ongoing technical issues

Basically the team built a solid car with the new RB18. “Red Bull also know how to make a car fast. They already know where their weaknesses are. So I’m not really worried that sooner or later they’ll find the connection one hundred percent again,” the former Formula 1 driver said on .

However, Surer expresses a lack of understanding of the many technical errors at Red Bull, something “you really can’t understand”, he says.

Red Bull in the crisis: was it an own goal?

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Red Bull in the crisis: was it an own goal?

Were these just small flaws that could have been easily avoided? F1 expert Marc Surer analyzes Red Bull’s situation after three races

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“What’s happened now in Melbourne is a line breaks, so either they have a weak point in there or it’s set up incorrectly. So that shouldn’t really happen.”

Surer suspects Verstappen’s second failure this year: “Either the part was just too weak or badly designed, or what I rather think, because a car arrived which was probably botched during assembly.”

Verstappen: Less sovereign than expected as world champion?

All of this could also contribute to Verstappen not being as confident as a Formula 1 world champion as expected before the start of the season. What is particularly noticeable on the radio: Verstappen complains a lot and confronts his team.

Surer noticed it too. “During the tests, I [noch] thought, he arrived, he seems incredibly calm and relaxed. But now in the races […] is he impatient and I think it has something to do with the fact that he just doesn’t have the best car he was hoping for.”

According to Surer, this could be one of the reasons why Perez is doing much better at Red Bull this year than in the 2021 season. His thesis: “Verstappen is trying a lot [und] risk more while Perez just does what the team tells him to do and he’s learned.”

(Watch the full Marc Surer interview in the video here!)

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