Minister calls on Germans to save energy to anger Putin

Federal Minister of Economics and Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck calls on Germans to save energy in order to “fuck off putinas Germany tries to reduce its dependence on Russian gas amid the war in Ukraine, in an interview on Friday April 15.

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I ask everyone to make a contribution to saving energy now“Said the ecologist, also owner of the climate portfolio, in an interview with the Funke newspaper groups.

Save ten percent»

If you can hop on a bike or take the train at Easter, that’s fine too. That’s easy on the wallet and annoys PutinHe added, while Germany, which is very dependent on gas imported from Russia, has been seeking all means to reduce this dependence since the outbreak of the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops.

As a rule of thumb, I would say that you can always save ten percentfull of energy, he continued. “And these are very simple measures that, taken together, bring a lot“.

Look for renewable alternatives

If you heat your home and close the curtains in the evening, you save up to five percent of energy. And if we lower the room temperature by one degree, that’s about six percent‘ said Robert Habeck. “It may be less pleasant, but we’re not cold yet“.

Berlin, which got more than half of its gas from Russia before the war, has already reduced that share to 40%, intensified its search for alternatives and accelerated the switch to renewables.

But Germany does not expect to be able to do without Russian gas before mid-2024 and fears having to ration gas supplies to industry.

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