OM: Pauleta talks about the importance of the game!

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On Sunday night, PSG will try to salvage their season (a bit) by playing a very good game against OM at Classico. Pedro Miguel Pauleta, who has shone on this poster many times, returned to the importance of this meeting for PSGTV.

To the game against OM

“A game against Marseille is always a special game. Especially for the players and even more so for the fans. You can feel that in training, in the city, everywhere since the beginning of the week. You can feel that the fans are different, that the team different in preparation. It’s always a game in itself, a game you really want to win. You want to score goals, you want to shine for the public, for the club, for Paris!”

About the goal against OM

“For me it was always special and important to score against Marseille. I remember very well my first game at Parc against them in 2004. I had scored. You know how important this game is for everyone. It is the great classic of the year of French football! It’s the game that our fans care about the most. And I’ve been lucky enough to score a lot during those games.”

His best memory of Classico

“There’s that final of the 2006 Coupe de France that we won against Marseille. It’s a trophy, it’s a title for the club and also against OM. And even if I don’t do it, I haven’t scored in it. ” Game, winning the Coupe de France that night as Paris Saint-Germain captain was really something unforgettable.”

On Mbappe

“Today it’s still very difficult not to mention Mbappé, this young Parisian player with enormous talent. But I don’t like to talk about individuals. For me, it’s the team, the group, the staff, the fans that count.” The most important thing is Paris Saint-Germain!”

to his prognosis

“The most important thing is to win this game. To bring us closer to the title of French champions. The club needs to keep winning and growing. Come on, I say 2-0.”


Former PSG striker Pedro Miguel Pauleta returned for the upcoming match against OM. He took the opportunity to talk about his best memories from Classico, Kylian Mbappé but also his prediction for Sunday night’s game.

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