On this day, gasoline and diesel are the cheapest for motorists

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Gasoline and diesel are the cheapest on this day of the week

Never before have gasoline and diesel prices at filling stations in Germany risen as sharply as in March. When to expect relaxation and what tank tips you can save money with.

Due to the Russian war against Ukraine, March 2022 was the most expensive fuel month ever. In a matter of days, gasoline prices jumped 37.6 cents in March, and diesel even rose 56.5 cents in nine days. This is shown by a current analysis of fuel prices by the ADAC.

At the end of the month, the tight price situation at German petrol stations eased again, but remained at a high level. A liter of Super E10 cost 2.022 euros on March 31, diesel 2.107 euros.

Looking at the monthly average prices, the ADAC analysis shows an extreme jump to the top. On January 7, drivers had to pay an average of 1,644 euros for a liter of Super E10. In the space of two months, the price of the Super has increased by almost 56 cents, for the Diesel it is even 76 cents more on March 10 than in January.

Although fuel prices fell again in early April, they are still unreasonably high, according to the ADAC. High crude oil prices can only partially explain the evolution of prices at gas stations. While Brent crude briefly traded above $130 in March, the price fell back to $105 during the month. Fuel prices, on the other hand, did not come down and remained at a high level for weeks.

In this context, the ADAC expressly welcomes the latest initiative of the Federal Minister of Economics to strengthen the fuel market transparency unit within the Federal Cartel Office. It is basically to shed light on the processes involved in manufacturing and wholesaling fuels, from oil production to the pump. According to the ADAC, the enhanced monitoring of market events by the Market Transparency Office can make an important contribution to the normalization of the price level.

Fuel prices are at their lowest on Tuesday

Motorists should continue to take advantage of money-saving opportunities when refueling. Fuel prices often change several times a week. Even in one day, the price of petrol can vary by up to 10 cents per litre. A regular gas price comparison can be helpful before refueling.

The closer the weekend approaches, the more the prices increase. On Saturday it is very crowded at German gas stations, but on Tuesday or Wednesday the gas stations are relatively empty.

According to statistics “When to refuel – the cheapest days of the week” from benzinpreis.de (as of April 11), Tuesday was by far the cheapest day to refuel in the last 7 days, while that Sunday was the most expensive.

ADAC ratings show that petrol and diesel are the most expensive in the morning, but the cheapest in the evening. According to the ADAC, the ideal time to refuel is between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. According to benzinpreise.de, drivers were able to save the most money around 9 p.m. last week, and fuel was most expensive at 7 a.m.

The choice of gas station also affects the price of fuel. Independent gas stations are often pennies cheaper than chains like Aral or Shell.

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