Ophélie Winter in a worrying state, the photos that defy!

Is Ophélie Winter not well? New photos of the star have just been unveiled and his health appears to be worrying.

On her Instagram account, Ophélie Winter mainly posted behind the scenes. As promised, I’m taking you behind the scenes of my beloved little brother @jdoreofficial’s magical world at the @accor_arena! He gave me the joy of stepping into his world and singing with him. God gave me faith, 25 years later!

It was in this room that I took my first steps on TV! Crazy emotions, I am fully charged, thanks to the audience of the room and to your many messages! See you soon for the rest, I am preparing many surprises for you. Prepare yourself!

Ophélie Winter in a worrying state

A post that triggered violent reactions. Under the spell, netizens commented: Nice to see you in great shape!, So happy for you, Always so beautiful and trendy. So many messages that 100% confirm his return to the stage. However, the latest news from Closer magazine is not good.

Indeed, in this Friday, April 15, 2022 issue, Ophélie Winter appears with a crutch in hand and her facial features drawn. A worrying new condition according to our colleagues, who explain that the former teen idol has great difficulty walking, she grimaces, between pain and tiredness. And to add:

singer ophélie winter tpmp

During a short shopping spree in a natural cosmetics store, she limped and complained. What’s happening ? No additional information has been submitted at the moment. One thing is for sure, things seem to be going much better. To be continued.

Why is Ophelie Winter a fashion icon?

A legend of ’90s pop music, this battered urban angel shaped his era with vibes, Anglicisms, but most importantly, innovative looks. Ophélie Winter revolutionized ’90s style, that’s a fact. However, she is still not considered a fashion icon. It’s time to do him justice.

If 90’s pop culture in France had to be embodied in one person, Ophelie Winter would surely be the Marianne, baggy version and hat backwards. Ophelie Winter, daughter of Dutch singer David Alexandre Winter, quickly understood that her destiny would be fabulous. First, she pictured him on the catwalks and in front of photographers’ flashes.

But it was ultimately on the small screen and a mic in hand that she was immensely successful. She was the youth ambassador of the 90s and presented the club Hit Machine or Dance Machine. Ophélie Winter embodied a new impulse in this cosmopolitan decade. Already a star, she stole the show from some nerdy hosts who didn’t understand the stakes of this new generation.

The American influence is increasingly noticeable and the host immerses himself in this urban culture. So much so, that she’ll subsist on it to produce her own music.

Ophelie Winter's worrying condition

Yes, Ophélie is a singer and released “God Gave Me Faith” in 1995. Boom!

The Winter Bomb has just exploded, sweeping away everything in its path. With the music industry then being dominated by Celine Dion and Elton John, Ophélie Winter arrives and brings a hit from platforms to those slick charts. She imposed a style. Unfashionable, did you say? think again


But how do you define Ophelia Winter’s style? Just ask the principal in question. Exclusively for ELLE, the star returned to the fashion that helped fuel her success. According to her, her look was urban and feminine. We used to call her “fly girl” in the ’90s, she recalls. And indeed, it’s impossible to separate the singer’s music from her clothes.

So heavily influenced by US hip hop and R&B to create her soul, jack swing and funk sounds, she wants to become one with the image she sends back. High-waisted trousers, an ultra-wide flannel shirt, or even a Muppet hat (those famous fur hats). Ophelie Winter is the medium of street fashion in France.

She wants to import what appeals to her: I was inspired by what I saw on Melrose Street. It’s a street where there are a lot of trendy shops, very strong looks. The whole year is like Fashion Week there, says the 48-year-old artist. That’s how she got the idea for the famous original heels that she wears in the clip for Shame on You.

While Ophélie Winter herself provided the basis for the ideas, the beautiful blonde is also surrounded by a team of avant-garde stylists who can only rely on their creativity. No question about copying her look onto someone else: in France, only she can wear what she wears. I had several stylists. I remember one of them who was great but completely insane. She found parts, tore them up, turned them over, adjusted them.

Ophelie winter year 90

Ophélie Winter always told me that it had to look unique. She would take a sweatshirt and make me tuck my legs into the sleeves. And with that, she bulked me up with a big belt, kind of like the Pussycat Dolls “Don’t Cha” music video. The all-rounder was successful in the 90s: platinum record, Victoire de la Musique, film reels.

Everything she touched turned to gold. And then time passes, fashion evolves. The 2000s came and the singer changed her style a bit. Ophélie Winter is getting a little more pop, just like her music. In the 2000s I also worked with William Carnimolla, the former host of Belle tout nue on M6. It was more focused on sportswear brands.

Ophelia Winters

He dressed me in a pair of Adidas jogging pants, which he pinned down with biker darts and paired with lace-up heels. But fashions come and go. The Ophélie Winter phenomenon became less important in the mid-2000s, and her style of clothing was also ridiculed. But what human stupidity! 25 years later, Ophélie Winter’s silhouette is copied everywhere.

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