Oscars 2022: After the Will Smith controversy, Amy Schumer threatened death over a joke

The Oscars 2022 will continue to be discussed! After Will Smith and his slap in the face to Chris Rock made headlines, Amy Schumer is now facing death for an outlet.

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This is a new controversy set to tarnish the 2022 Oscars ceremony in the wake of the Will Smith slap affair at Chris Rock.

Amy Schumer, one of the hosts tonight March 27th, made a joke about Kirsten Dunst, pretending not to recognize her and comparing her to a “upholstered seat”. Her husband, Jesse Plemons, who was present by her side, played the game by feigning outrage.

The comedian later revealed that this sketch was created with the couple’s consent. Unfortunately, Internet users didn’t hear it that way, didn’t like Schumer’s humor at all and found it disrespectful.


The latter was widely criticized for this joke on social networks. Unfortunately, this took on disproportionate proportions and the actress is now receiving death threats over it.

The threats were really serious and scary. So much so that the Secret Service and LAPD contacted me to warn me.

“The threats were really serious and scary. To the point that the Secret Service and Los Angeles Police Department contacted me to warn me.”she confided to the broadcast’s microphoneHoward Stern.

In addition, acc diversity, Amy Schumer had also asked Leonardo DiCaprio for permission because of an outlet on his younger girlfriends than him. The actor had given the comedian his approval.

“Leonardo DiCaprio? what can i say about him He fought so hard to speak out against global warming! So he could leave his friends a cleaner, greener planet.”she joked on stage.


In the week after the Oscars, the actress also sparked controversy by revealing a censored joke about affair with Alec Baldwin.

The artist clarified that the Academy Awards didn’t endorse a joke about the actor’s accidental recording on the set of Rust, which killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

“Don’t Look Up is the title of a movie this year, I’d say don’t look up [don’t look, en anglais] in Alec Baldwin’s gun”She had planned to sing in front of millions of viewers at the Oscars.

“I wasn’t allowed to say that, but going on stage and hitting someone is okay”she added, obviously annoyed by this censorship.

After all that controversy, punctuated by death threats, he’s not sure the 40-year-old comedian wants to run for the 2023 Oscars again…

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