Paris-Marseille, the Classico, the players don’t care!

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It will be an awaited game. All the same. And it doesn’t matter, as everyone knows, the Canal Plus rivalry was built from scratch in the 90s, we’re talking here about the long-awaited game PSG-OM, which, that’s good, will take place on Sunday evening Prince’s Park. An appointment that the supporters traditionally wait for.

PSG, the Ultras, shouldn’t encourage. As for the Marseillais, they are forbidden to leave the country. And the players? Jérôme Rothen, the RMC consultant, has an idea…

“This PSG team? The majority of players can’t bring themselves to make more collective efforts. They only think about their faces and after a while it will hit them in the face. I’m not saying that the Parisians will lose because you are very strong offensively, but if Marseille is well organized and solid, you should be careful in this game that it doesn’t end badly for Paris Saint-Germain (…) It hurts me to talk about PSG like that Neymar, Messi, Paredes , Herrera, Danilo, Hakimi … Do you really think that the rivalry with Marseille is ingrained in their heads? Nobody repeats it to them, they don’t care. Marseille, we hear them. They are already If there were then the means of communication if we had what we have today, three quarters of Parisians would have already communicated.

What do we have today? Aside from Mbappé, who is talking about the game? They don’t care about the game. Is that normal? Is it normal that we don’t hear Leonardo or the President? If after a while you want people to cheer you on, try a little harder.”


On Sunday, the traditional Classico à la française between PSG and OM will take place in the Parc des Princes. An expected game, but much more for the fans than for the players if we believe the words of Jérôme Rothen, the RMC advisor.

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