Plane tickets for this summer: hurry up! Covid-19, war in Ukraine… prices will go up

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Ticket prices in France and worldwide have been increasing for the past year. And several situational factors seem to suggest this isn’t going to stop.

War in Ukraine, fuel prices, Covid-19… Several factors will drive up airline ticket prices in the coming weeks and months. This is already the case in this first half of the year, according to France Info, prices from France have already fallen by 7% in February compared to the previous year.

Repaying Covid debt

As our colleagues from Les Echos explain, the economic crisis linked to Covid-19 has increased the debt of air traffic control authorities and airports that have had to cope with the drop in traffic. The previously untouched airlines will have to go into the fund in 2024 and pay back those advances. This will be done through large increases in taxes and therefore tickets.

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War in Ukraine and fuel prices

The Russian invasion caused the price of a barrel of oil to fluctuate and therefore logically increased the price of the fuel we put on planes, kerosene. According to France Info, it rose by 30% in a month. Knowing that fuel costs account for a third of airline spending. A price increase related to schedule changes for destinations between Europe and Asia. Since Russian and Ukrainian airspace cannot be flown over, these route changes result in higher kerosene consumption.

The new eco taxes

After all, new eco-taxes are flourishing in Europe. As FranceInfo reports, the Air France company has been charging between one and twelve euros more on its tickets since last January. The reason: to reduce its CO2 emissions by using fuels made from waste oils or agricultural residues on certain flights. An ecological, but much more expensive fuel. The company then decided to charge its customers a “sustainable contribution”. This is inevitably reflected in the ticket price.

Another example in the Netherlands, where in 2021 the government presented a plan “for recovery and resilience” of the economy The Echoes, and in particular plans to triple the tax on air transport. According to the Dutch press, it would drop from €7.45 to €24 per passenger departing from the Netherlands.

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