Pre-orders for the Roadster are open, you can call your banker

This time it’s certain (at least if you take Elon Musk at his word): production of the Tesla Roadster will start next year at Austin’s brand new Gigafactory. The case seems so folded that the manufacturer has decided to open pre-orders for its future race car. The one concern, which will no doubt be anecdotal to some buyers but still matters: nobody knows the price of the Roadster.

Whether in France, the United States or China, with the brand’s online configurator you can easily reserve your vehicle by paying a deposit. In France you must first pay an amount of 4,000 euros by credit card before confirming a second payment of 39,000 euros by bank transfer within 10 days of booking. The process is almost identical on the other side of the Atlantic, the amounts change slightly ($5000 then $45000). In China, on the other hand, Tesla requires a one-time payment of 332,000 yuan, i.e. just over 48,000 euros. In other words, the deposit for a Roadster is equivalent to the price of a Model 3, in short a straw …

Roadster price = 44,000 euros + X

What is this deposit for? First of all, it should be noted that this amount will be fully refunded if the buyer changes their mind. In fact, it still allows you to position yourself to get one of the very first models from the factory and consequently reduce your waiting time. Nothing very original so far, except that with most manufacturers, with this first payment, customers know exactly what they will have to pay at the time of purchase. So it will come as a surprise to future roadster owners.

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See also video:

Admittedly, it will undoubtedly be the “ fastest vehicle in the world with record acceleration, range and performance ’, but the method is surprising nonetheless. However, we’re betting that future Tesla customers won’t be going completely into the unknown. In fact, when Tesla first introduced the vehicle in 2017, it quoted a price of $250,000 for the “Founders Edition,” the premium model. But water has since flowed under the bridge, draining a “small” global pandemic as well as an “anecdotal” semiconductor crisis, two events among others that could add a few thousand euros to the bill.

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