Presidential election: the canceled votes in Toulouse are chaotic and provoke a great deal of controversy

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The cancellation of the results of the largest polling station in Toulouse after human error sparked a controversy. The representatives of the candidates for the presidential election wrote a letter of protest to the mayor of Toulouse.

The local representatives of the candidates for the presidential elections are furious: How did the results of the largest polling station in Toulouse, Fontaine-Bayonne, in the first round of the presidential elections annul?

The Constitutional Council on Wednesday declared the 1,479 ballot papers cast in Sunday’s election (out of a total of 1,504 votes) invalid. The Departmental Census Commission therefore found “significant and unexplained discrepancies between the figures in the results follow-up logs and those in the census sheets”.

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According to Sacha Briand, deputy mayor of Toulouse in charge of electoral operations, a transmission error caused the results to be annulled. Two tables had been set up to speed up counting, and a counting sheet had been prepared for each table. However, a municipal employee got confused and instead of sending two separate sheets, sent two of the same sheets (the original and its copy) to the prefecture. “A silly mistake,” the elected official conceded, “but with no significant impact on the election result.”

confusion and haste

In fact, human error is the result of a day spent in confusion and haste: at this polling station in La Cartoucherie, one of the new densely populated neighborhoods, 1,920 voters are registered, a huge number for a single election. All the more important that, according to the town hall, 500 voters registered at the last minute. Last Sunday, a long queue formed in front of a significantly undersized polling station. There was a wait of up to an hour for everyone to vote before 8pm, according to polling station president Thomas Pedoussaud, who went into overdrive with his assessors. Praiseworthy but futile efforts, since the 1504 voters who made the journey and therefore waited were not taken into account …

Pending the redistribution of this polling station, which will take place at the end of the summer, Toulouse City Hall will allocate additional funds for the second round of the presidential elections on April 24th. Instead of one, two control lines are set up and nine people are assigned to the polling station.

“This situation is unacceptable”

The political parties do not want to stop there and La France insoumise, the French Communist Party or Europe Ecologie-Les Verts will send a letter of protest to Toulouse City Hall. For Régis Godec, Yannick Jadot’s local spokesman, “this situation is unacceptable. Neighboring polling stations have very few voters, as does the neighboring nursing home, which has 400 registered voters. Why didn’t you redefine the electoral map by anticipating the evolution of demographics in La Cartoucherie?

Agathe Roby sent a letter to the mayor of Toulouse, Jean-Luc Moudenc, this Friday evening on behalf of La France insoumise, regretting the disturbances that occurred on Sunday and asking that they not be repeated in the next elections. It also calls for the accessibility of many polling stations for the elderly or disabled.

“The 1920 electors registered in this polling station, in which Jean-Luc Mélenchon led with 40.23% of the vote, receive from you an apology for this human error, which your deputy in charge of elections to a representative of the community rejects ” We remind you that the proper conduct of the elections is your responsibility. In view of the forthcoming elections, what measures do you intend to take to ensure this and to ensure that all Toulouse residents can exercise their right to vote correctly? Are there any training courses planned?” for polling station staff and volunteers. Are there any means of transport? She adds.

Sacha Briand emailed an apology message to voters at the polling station, at least those whose email addresses he had.

Here are the new results in Toulouse

Jean-Luc Mélenchon with 40.23% of the vote and Emmanuel Macron with 22.92% of the vote had occupied the first places in the polling station before the results were annulled. There was no major impact on each candidate’s scores or their order of arrival, but Toulouse’s overall result was changed. Here’s the new one: Jean-Luc Mélenchon (72,169 votes) 36.93%; Emmanuel Macron (51633) 26.42%; Marine Le Pen (18653) 9.54%; Yannick Jadot (14343) 7.34%; Eric Zemmour (12,513) 6.40%, Valérie Pécresse (7,447) 3.81%; John Lassalle (5245) 2.68%; Anne Hidalgo (5007) 2.56%; Fabien Roussel (4054) 2.07%; Nicolas Dupont-Aignan (2343) 1.20%; Philippe Poutou (1391) 0.71%; Nathalie Arthaud (638) 0.33%. 2373 blank ballots were counted and 2398 were invalid.

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