Presidential. Was Anne-Sophie Lapix ‘challenged’ by the candidates to lead the debate?

The controversy has been simmering for a few days: Anne-Sophie Lapix, the journalist who moderates the 8 p.m. presentation. France 2Known for her uncompromising interviews and willingness to fight, she will not conduct the traditional debate between the two rounds.

According to some, this choice would not have been to the liking of the candidates. Jordan Bardella, President of the National Rally, also judges them hostile. On Monday, April 11, he said further CNews : Marine Le Pen does not want Anne-Sophie Lapix to lead the debate. As for Emmanuel Macron, coincidence or not, during this campaign he did not go to the 8pm set of France 2 (he will be there this Thursday 21st), but twice at 8pm of TF1.

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Léa Salamé, a “logical” choice, defends herself France 2

The jokers are enjoying themselves on Twitter: If Macron and Le Pen are afraid of being interviewed by Lapix, how will they be able to negotiate with Putin? Others suggest replacing her with… Élise Lucet. Internally, the unions are rising. It is not our job to swear allegiance to politicians in order to have the right to interview them.

“I do not agree”replied western france Laurent Guimier, France Télévisions information director, regrets a controversy created from scratch. Anne-Sophie Lapix was never approached for this debate. From the beginning we had imagined entrusting it to a figure in our political program. Léa Salamé has hosted ten prime time political shows, it makes sense it was her who will represent France Télévisions alongside Gilles Bouleau on Wednesday evening.

The choice of “experience” for TF1

At TF1 there was no debate, says Thierry Thuillier. Gilles Bouleau is the choice of experience. We have not submitted our choice to anyonecontinues the information director of TF1.

What if a candidate had appealed their decision? I would have tried to convince. I think we need to rely on the media to select the most experienced journalists and we need to give that freedom to the channels. Especially since every candidate has freedom in their answers. It seems natural to me, even sensible in a democracy, to let the media choose their journalists.

Presidential. Was Anne-Sophie Lapix ‘challenged’ by the candidates to lead the debate?

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