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All games after Monkey Island 2 do not exist in my Monkey Island universe‘ Ron Gilbert decreed in 2013, at a time when the writer of Maniac Mansion, The Cave and Thimbleweed Park fancied he would never again have the opportunity to reconnect with the Lucasfilm Games license, but still spent time drawing the outlines of what “his” Monkey Island 3 would be. And a few years later the man kept his word: Return to Monkey Island will begin exactly as he had envisioned for years, with the memorable and enigmatic ending of monkey island 2introduced itself more than 30 years ago.

One of the really important things for me was that I wanted the game to start at the end of Monkey Island 2 when you enter the amusement park. I wanted the game to start there. I don’t want to go into all the details, but we start there, and then there are a lot of weird twists and turns, as you can expect from us” confirms Ron Gilbert. To explain to everyone what it’s about, the best way is to use the terms used by Julien Pirou in his Retro Island dedicated to the series:

This confrontation leads to a bizarre and confusing ending that some have compared to the ending of Brazil or Twin Peaks. We discover that LeChuck and Guybrush are actually two children, two brothers playing pirates in an amusement park…or not? In short, a real inversion of the brain, open to multiple interpretations. And since Ron Gilbert left Lucasarts shortly thereafter to start his own company, Humongous Entertainment, and therefore didn’t make his own Monkey Island 3 to answer the open questions, many players were a little suspicious.

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From his 2013 wish list, Ron Gilbert acknowledged a few deviations, the first being that he had returned to Monkey Island without owning the franchise as he would have liked. Since Disney couldn’t be bought, the author was content to find enough creative freedom. The opportunity fans have been dreaming of came during PAX 2019 during a chat with Devolver Digital’s Nigel Lowrie, himself close to PlayStation ex-John Drake, who has just become VP of adapting Disney licenses into video games had been appointed. So the spark was born before the pandemic began, and in December 2019 Ron Gilbert began discussing the project with fellow author Dave Grossman to seriously discuss what a new Monkey Island would be.

Some may be wondering what Ron Gilbert has done for a living in the three years since the release of Thimbleweed Park and project start Return to Monkey Island. We learn that the author has been working on an RPG for a year but has never come up with anything satisfactory. The project was therefore abandoned, although Ron Gilbert does not rule out returning to the site at some point Return to Monkey Island Trip. As for Dave Grossman, he slowly found time for earplay and jumped at the chance after hearing the magic words “Monkey Island,” and his enthusiasm even helped to assuage what few doubts and worries Ron Gilbert had.

While Terrible Toybox (the name of Ron Gilbert’s studio), Devolver Digital and Lucasfilm Games have kept top secrets all along, the development of Return to Monkey Island comes to an end, the game is expected for 2022. According to Ron Gilbert, the development team was 25 at its peak, but that number has dropped now that most of the work is done. The development of Return to Monkey Island required more artists and animators in comparison Thimbleweed Park, whose staff numbered no more than 14 people, Ron Gilbert recalls. The budget was bigger too, and all team members made the game remotely, with a limit of 40 hours per week set. With some overflows, but no crunchwe promise.

Open-ended from start to finish, the interview also tells us how Rex Crowle, a former key member of Media Molecule where he notably directed the memorable Tearaway, was found at the helm of the artistic direction of Return to Monkey Island not thanks to his fame in the video game industry, but thanks to a fan creation made 15 years ago:

He had made a version of Guybrush in blocks and sent it to me way back in 2007 or 2008. I remember he sent it to me and I had no idea who he was, just some guy who sent me fanart. I liked it very much and made it my wallpaper for a long time. As I started thinking about Secret of Monkey Island, I was reminded of how impressive this image was. So I started googling his name and found out he made Knights and Bikes and some other stuff I didn’t know existed. Then I wrote him an email‘ says Ron Gilbert.

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