Richard Berry case: His daughter Coline convicted of defamation, she has to pay a large fine

The case has been in the news for months. In January 2021, Coline Berry filed a complaint against her father Richard Berry and her former mother-in-law Jeane Manson with the Paris public prosecutor’s office for sexual violence, in particular because they “forced to participate in sexual games“When she was a child. A first judgment has just been passed, and not in her favour. On Thursday 14 April 2022, the applicant was indeed convicted of defamation by the Court of Aurillac.

According to information from AFP, Coline Berry-Rojtman has to pay a fine of 2,000 euros because of the article that appeared in the newspaper. The world on February 14, 2021, in which she spoke of sexual violence she allegedly suffered when she was a minor in 1984 and 1985. But also for your intervention in the program The live BFM, aired on the channel of the same name, in which she claimed that Jeane Manson was part of the Children of God sect. Coline Berry also has to pay the ex-singer 20,000 euros in damages and 5,000 euros in legal fees.

Parents, perpetrators and acquaintances have a bright future ahead of them

After the case was made public, Coline Berry had many supporters across the country, particularly those of her aunt Josiane Balasko and her cousin Marilou Berry. This conviction is a very serious offense for Karine Shebabo, his lawyer since the beginning of the proceedings. “My client is appalled, the parents, perpetrators and acquaintances have a bright future ahead of themshe told AFP. It is a shocking decision of great violence and sends a bad signal to childrenThe investigation into the facts presented by Coline Berry to the Paris public prosecutor’s office are still ongoing: if Richard Berry and Jeane Manson have been denying everything en bloc for months, the actor’s daughter has announced that she will contest this verdict.

The slap Coline Berry received from her father’s wife

In any case, the case is far from over, as BFMTV journalist Vincent Vantighem rightly recalled this Thursday, April 14th. In a live tweet, he indicates that the “violence” classification could have been heightened if it had been brought against a civil party or witness, but Coline Berry was then cautioned during the trial. He reports that the Aurillac prosecutor’s office then opened an investigation into “serious violence”. the slap that Coline Berry received from Pascale Louange, wife of Richard Berry, during the hearing. The judgment handed down in Aurillac this Thursday will therefore be subject to review by an appeals court.

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