Robert Habeck gives advice on heating

BEconomy Minister Robert Habeck again called on Germans to save energy. “I ask everyone to contribute now to saving energy,” he told newspapers from the Funke media group in the context of the war in Ukraine. “As a general rule, I would say: saving ten percent is always possible.”

The green politician announced a corresponding government campaign. “We can only become more independent of Russian imports if we see them as a big common project in which we all participate,” he added. He suggested citizens use the train or bicycle at Easter. “It’s easy on the wallet and annoys Putin.

Curtains closed, heating

The Minister of Economy gave further advice on personal conduct. “If you heat the apartment and draw the curtains in the evening, you save up to 5% energy,” he said. “And if you lower the room temperature one degree, that’s about six percent. It might not be that comfortable, but you’re not cold yet.”

Asked about car-free Sundays, Habeck said: “Now you can leave your car as good as possible – and not just on Sundays. Every mile not traveled helps to ease the distance of Russian energy supplies. We also protect the climate.

Home office instead of traveling

In view of car-dependent commuters, the Minister called on employers to consider “whether they offer home offices where possible to save energy. We also teleworked during the pandemic. If possible, one could again work from home one or two days a week – initially on a voluntary basis.

When asked which industrial companies should be the first to lose electricity in the event of a power shortage, Habeck replied that “nothing can be said in general terms, the structure is too complex for that”. Together with the Federal Network Agency, you prepare for all scenarios. “However, a situation of supply bottlenecks and industrial plant closures is an economic policy nightmare. You really can’t do any good – just less harm.”

It would then be a question of “massive collapses” of German economic cycles. “That’s why we will do everything we can to avoid this.”

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