‘Roy Bianco & Die Abbrunzati Boys’ Surprisingly Reached Number 1 On The Charts

With their second album, the Italo hit band “Roy Bianco & Die Abbrunzati Boys” reached number 1 in the album charts. For their fans, the six musicians from Augsburg and Munich have long been world stars, and next week they will also play in Munich.

“Roy Bianco & Die Abbrunzati Boys” is a group that has obviously been around longer than any of its members. And now, just in time for the 40th anniversary, it is number 1 in the German charts for the first time. Does this seem confusing to you? Maybe it should. The group has imagined a real epic about itself, in which self-mockery cannot be ignored. But beware: the six musicians from Augsburg and Munich never lose their role.

The harsh reality: Since Good Friday, the second album of “Roy Bianco” “Mille Grazie” is number 1 in the German charts. It replaces none other than the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Together with Roy Bianco from Augsburg, the “Die Abbrunzati Boys” from Munich – yes, that actually means one person – are the singer, songwriter and lyricist of the group.

A group from Munich and Augsburg sings in German and Italian

Their style of music hasn’t been at the top of the album charts for a long time: the six artists sing Italo hits, mainly in German, but sometimes also in Italian. However, they commonly interpret gender boundaries. The group was founded in 2016 – although their fans would never tell.

In the Roy Bianco cosmos, 2016 was not the time for the band’s creation – but the time for a big comeback. Because the story the band tells of itself is this: In 1982, Roy Bianco and “The Abbrunzati Boys” met and founded a band, in Sirmione on Lake Garda, of course.

Bungo Jonas, Ralph Rubin, Eisensepp and Blechkofler in Italy (file photo): With singers Roy Bianco and The Abbrunzati Boys, the musicians are number 1 in the album charts. (Source: Ludwig van Borkum)

The other band members joined two years later. The band formed into their current line-up for the Schlager Festival in Rio de Janeiro. The six musicians celebrated big hits until the 1990s, before going their separate ways in 1997. For 19 years, nothing was seen or heard of from the band. Until the 2016 comeback.

“Roy Bianco & The Abbrunzati Boys” in Munich

As proof, the group sells tour shirts from “Giro ’92” or the 1994 world tour. The story has long since become independent. Among the YouTube videos, fans – referred to as “Tifosi” in the Roy Bianco cosmos – comment on holiday stories from the 80s, which they associate with the band’s songs.

In the current decade, the group has gained greater notoriety through appearances in advertisements for frozen pizza or Lidl. With “Mille Grazie” she has now reached her first position in the charts – and at the very top. It certainly helped that the band’s CDs were sold in a package with concert tickets.

Roberto Blanco sends his regards to Roy Bianco

The tour starts next weekend. After a performance in Vienna, a home concert follows on the second day, at least for “The Abbrunzati Boys”. Next Sunday he will play with his colleagues in Munich. The show has been sold out for a long time.

Even Roberto Blanco recently wished the group good luck. His lawyers said the band had to change its name from Roberto Bianco to Roy Bianco. However, the obvious hypothesis has never been fully confirmed. How did the hit star’s heartfelt video message (“Must be a little fun”) go? “Sometimes you just put a little money in your hand and then things work out,” said Roy Bianco in a recent interview with the Augsburg Uniradio “Kanal C”.

Roberto Blanco wünscht uns eine goldene CD! Wir sagen „Mille Grazie“! Denn so heißt unser neues Album, das am 08.04. erscheint. Jetzt im VVK, va bene così ��

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