Salmonella: Children are also reminded of advent calendars

FOOD – There probably aren’t many chocolates left, but children’s Advent calendars were released on Wednesday 13th.

Specifically, the calendars of “Christmas Advent Calendar 2021: 431gr, 133gr, 184gr, 311gr, 234gr, 127gr” are affected. If you have any questions, Ferrero has a customer service that can be reached on 08 00 65 36 53 and by email at:

This reminder is therefore in addition to those concerning:

  • Kinder Surprise 20g (of one, of three, of four and of six) and 100g,
  • Children chocolate bons milk (125g, 150g, 200g, 225g, 300g, 330g, 350g, 480g, 500g)
  • Children’s chocolate bons white (200 and 300g),
  • Kids Happy Moments (191g, 242g, 347g, 400g),
  • Mix Kinder Mini Eggs, hazelnut, cocoa, milk and Kinder Mini Eggs,
  • Kinder Mix (193 g bag, 150 g basket, 133 g cuddly toy, 198 g bucket, 125 g car).

150 cases of contamination in Europe

How to explain such a delay in food recall? Since the end of March, the number of patients affected by salmonellosis, whose symptoms resemble those of gastroenteritis, has continued to rise, with cases being detected in nine European countries. 150 cases were detected in Europe.

The first warning dates back to March 23, when British authorities told the Italian group that its products could be the source of salmonella contamination. But according to European health watchdogs, the first case detected in England dates back to December 21, with no link made to Kinder chocolates.

“What did Ferrero do between December and March?” asks Camille Dorioz, campaign manager at Foodwatch, who is surprised that the recall of products in France was only ordered on April 4.

Ferrero claims to have identified and quarantined lots contaminated with Salmonella at its Belgian plant on December 15 and said it was taking hygiene measures to eliminate the presence of the bacterium. The Belgian health authorities were not notified at the time, we report to the pastry chef.

“The investigation is ongoing and aims to understand why people became ill when the products were blocked,” we at Ferrero France explain about the investigations carried out by the Belgian judiciary.

All of the chocolates produced at the Arlon plant – mainly Kinder Surprise and Schoko-Bons – were finally recalled on April 8th. In the absence of guarantees, the Belgian health authority ordered the factory to be closed, damaging the brand’s image a few days before Easter, the high season for chocolate sales.

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