Scholz on Ukraine: More than a billion euros in military aid

To: 04/15/2022 19:29

Chancellor Scholz wants to provide a total of two billion euros in additional military aid. More than a billion euros of this should go to Ukraine, like this ARD Capital Studio experimented.

More recently, pressure on Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the federal government to provide more support for Ukraine has been strong. Scholz has now announced that he will provide a total of two billion euros in additional military aid – of which well over a billion euros will go directly to Ukraine, just like this ARD Capital Studio experimented. Ukrainians can use it to buy the weapons they want – in consultation with the United States and other partners.

If they bought weapons from Germany, this export would have to be approved by Federal Economics Minister Robert Habeck. The money is to be disbursed as part of the federal government’s modernization initiative. An additional 400 million euros from the global envelope are therefore intended for the European Peace Facility, which buys arms for Ukraine. The remaining 400 million euros are intended for other countries.

Tina Hassel, ARD Berlin, on continued military aid to Ukraine

Tagesschau 8:00 p.m., April 15, 2022

Additional expenses

According to information from the Reuters news agency, the government has already agreed on a significant increase in funds for military aid in the supplementary budget. The two billion euros are therefore not part of the Bundeswehr’s special patrimony of 100 billion euros from the war in Ukraine, but are additional expenses.

Ukraine had repeatedly asked the federal government to provide heavy weapons as well. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba demanded from Scholz a quick commitment to further German arms deliveries. “I hope Scholz makes a positive decision,” Kuleba said on Thursday evening. daily topics. Arguments against a delivery of the required weapons are not valid.

The Chancellor’s course also caused discontent in Germany. In the debate over the delivery of heavy weapons, Scholz has recently been openly criticized by the FDP, Greens and SPD parliamentary groups for his hesitant attitude. “The Chancellor is the problem,” European Greens politician Anton Hofreiter told “Spiegel”. “Germany must assume its responsibilities in Europe – and this is where the chancellor is most important,” Hofreiter said. “Whatever European countries I am visiting at the moment, I always ask myself the question: where is Germany? “, underlined the president of the Europe commission. Federal Economics Minister Robert Habeck also called for an increase in arms supplies to Ukraine. “More guns have to come,” the green politician told newspapers from the Funke media group.

“Very quick action is required now”

The FDP also accused Scholz of hesitation. “Very rapid action is now the order of the day,” defense policy Marie-Agnès Strack-Zimmermann told the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” ahead of the new large-scale Russian offensive looming in the eastern Ukraine. When asked if there was a procrastinator in the Chancellery, she replied Deutschlandfunk with “yes”. “If Russia wins this war against Ukraine, there will be a risk of new military conflicts in Moldova, Georgia and probably also in the Western Balkans,” also argued SPD foreign policy expert Michael Roth. for greater German involvement.

CDU leader Friedrich Merz sharply attacked Scholz. His behavior endangers “the cohesion of the entire international community towards Russia”, Merz told the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”. As examples, he cited the Chancellor’s reluctance to provide arms, but also his earlier refusal to visit kyiv. Merz demanded that it finally be clear what Germany wants to do and whether it wants to supply heavy weapons to Ukraine. “We want to know what is delivered and, above all, why the Federal Government does not want to deliver the available material,” said the CDU leader. He pointed to growing doubts about the government’s reliability.

So far, as far as we know, Germany has mainly sent bazookas, machine guns and anti-aircraft missiles as well as steel helmets to Ukraine. Asked about heavy weapons – including tanks – Scholz has so far reacted evasively.

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