Scrat from “Ice Age” and his acorn are entitled to a happy ending (not so happy)

KINO – He has. Scrat the squirrel The Ice AgeHe has finally devoured the acorn he has been chasing for almost twenty years. That endless chase that started the first time Film of the saga in 2002 ends forever.

Posted in a video on youtubeThis Wednesday, April 13th, the emblematic character embarks on another search for the famous fugitive acorn. But something strange happens: no obstacle prevents him from grabbing it. Initially surprised by this situation, Scrat hastens to swallow it. And that’s it. It was too easy, so the success isn’t that satisfying.

A farewell video

There is uneasiness after this victory, and with good reason: this happy ending hides a much less joyful reality. Blue Sky will cease to exist. The studios are the origin of the saga The Ice Agebut also from Rio, robot, epos or Fernando.

Disney bought the studios in 2017 and announced their closure in February 2021. “In light of the current economic climate, after much thought and thought, we have made the difficult decision to close Blue Sky Studios,” the Disney airline told Deadline Media.

So this sequence leaves a bitter aftertaste. “A few days before the end of Blue Sky Studios, a small team of animators came together to create this final plan. This plan is a farewell. A farewell on our own terms,” reads the caption accompanying this unlisted YouTube video, titled The end.

“Over the past 24 years, like our special character Scrat, we have achieved what at times seemed unattainable. (…) Unfortunately, it’s impossible to hold on to forever (…) Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being with us all these years,” said Chris Wedge, co-founder of Blue sky, in a statement posted to Twitter.

A sixth part of the saga will be released in March 2022 The Ice Age was unveiled on Disney+ with the title The Adventures of Buck Wild. Only Scrat isn’t there.

The famous squirrel is nevertheless the star of his own miniseries, which has been broadcast on the platform since this Wednesday, April 13th.

title The Adventures of ScratThis series of six short films focuses on the father squirrel taking care of his son Baby Scrat as best he can.

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