Small electric car VW e-up! soon exhausted?

VW had for the e-up! Due to high demand, an order freeze was imposed at the end of 2020. Since February, the up! based on small electric cars available again. According to a report, the popular Stromer may soon be out of stock again.

Launched in 2013, the e-up! with room for four had become a bestseller in recent years after the price was reduced and the range increased. Due to the great interest, delivery times have increased to 16 months. VW therefore temporarily withdrew the model from the program in order to reduce the order book. Order acceptance, which only resumed two months ago, appears to be causing bottlenecks again.

In the first car dealerships, VW’s electric entry-level model is already sold out, reports the car week. According to information from the industry journal, the first dealers had to turn away potential customers again. Other resellers only have preconfigured models. These are not production vehicles, but new vehicles planned for production, but extras are no longer possible here.

“The demand for e-up! is very good,” a VW spokesperson said when asked car week. “Traders stocked up very quickly.” For individuals, e-up! with the configuration specified by VW can already be sold out. According to the report, the background is the allocation of a fixed quota to each dealer, with which VW wants to avoid delivery times of more than one year as before.

The e-up is sold out! not yet, VW explained. However, the remaining vehicles can no longer be assembled according to one’s own wishes. However, the e-mobile is now already equipped with previously optional functions: the e-up! Since the restart this year, there is only the “Style Plus” version with extensive equipment from 26,895 euros. In 2020, the base model with fewer features was available from 21,975 euros.

That the e-up! despite the higher price that still attracts many customers, is probably due to the “environmental bonus” electric car purchase premium that is still available for the model and is funded by the federal government and industry: VW grants 3000 euros net discount, 6000 euros are transferred by the state after the vehicle is approved later this year. The bottom line is that the e-up! less than 20,000 euros, which is a good price for an electric car with a range of 258 kilometers suitable for everyday use according to WLTP. VW’s ID.3 battery compact car currently costs at least 36,960 euros.

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